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The Unwanted Child

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I was planning on writing about the farce that is sharing but I've saved that as a draft for a rainy day. Tonight, I shall write about Oliver. Some back story, though I'm sure I've probably written about this before. I found out that I was pregnant with Oliver on my birthday of 2007. [Jan 3rd. I particularly ...

Pulling Up and Going to School

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5 month old pulling up

Today my son did something that not only amazed me but also annoyed me. He started pulling up to Cara's "happy chair"-which is also used as her timeout chair [talk about irony...or just plain meanness on my part]. That's right, folks. My five month old decided to pull himself up.  This is the kid who still ...

Randomness and Blog Whoring, How I Love Thee

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Or would that be "thees"? I have a giveaway going on right now so let's just get that out of the way at the get-go.  Click here to read my review of MilkBank and comment to win your own. Next, you may know [well, you do now] that I write for SimsGamer.com and I've posted some answers ...

Did You Say Shredder?

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Parent Bloggers is having a blog blast today called "Show Off Your Shedder" and every time I read "shedder" I read it as "shredder" and instantly think of this: You can understand why I read "shredder", right?  Sophie's a pit bull and like most terrors terriers she enjoys shredding paper...and fuzz...and stuffed animals...and she ate a ...

MilkBank – All in One Bottle

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Last month PBN sent me this new fangled breast milk storage thing called MilkBank.  When I first received the email about reviewing MilkBank, I thought they were asking me to review an actual milk bank-I'd pump and then ship them my milk.  I'm stingy with my milk so there was no way that I was ...

My Brain Just Smashed into My Skull

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Brains are very important organs and I just injured mine and I have the headache to prove it. For some unknown reason, I decided that it would be a good idea to do a back bend.  Keep in mind that I haven't done a back bend since we were in Florida and probably before Cara was ...

Another House

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Front of House

Let me explain something about this whole "house obsession" thing before I show you this really rockin' house that I found.  [Don't roll your eyes!]  I've always looked for houses.  Even when I was a kid, I looked for houses.  I am that person who would go to open houses just to see what they ...

If Women in the Amazon Can Do It…

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Today was Oliver's "four month" check-up.  He attained the rank of five months on the 12th but due to insurance issues, we had to reschedule him to today. Cara was super excited about getting the chance to see her pediatrician...even though Cara screams every time she sees said pediatrician.  What can I say?  Two year olds ...

30 Hours in a Day

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I am notorious for taking too much on.  I don't know if this is a manifestation [love that word] of manic periods or if that's just how I'm hardwired but I've always done it and I'm starting to realize that I actually can't do EVERYTHING and maintain any semblance of sanity. Good example: My senior year ...

Your Ass is Going to Get Really Huge Casserole

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I know you're supposed to include a picture with a recipe but since 3/4 of the pan in gone...well...who really wants to see a picture of that? I make mean Bacon Corn Chowder.  That stuff is so good that I've been known to stand by my the stove and drink the broth.  The only problem is ...

Maternity Pants and Adoption

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This is apparently the week of Ollie.  Kinda like the year of the Ox but not nearly as long. I called Oliver's pediatrician this morning and asked that she call in an antibiotic.  It's not that I don't enjoy breastfeeding my four month old with him sitting up...it's just awkward.  That and the reason that I ...

Great DVD Just Plug Your Ears

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The "retro" cartoon character is in big demand right now.  The Cartoon Network has Boomerang that shows all of the classic cartoons from back in the day and it's the only place that I can find Tom and Jerry-one of Cara's favorite "new" cartoons. I think this retro cartoon thing is in response to the hoochiness ...