Did You Say Shredder?

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They all shed a bit.

Parent Bloggers is having a blog blast today called “Show Off Your Shedder” and every time I read “shedder” I read it as “shredder” and instantly think of this:


After Sophie

You can understand why I read “shredder”, right?  Sophie’s a pit bull and like most terrors terriers she enjoys shredding paper…and fuzz…and stuffed animals…and she ate a broken beer bottle when she was a puppy along with six months of my birth control.

Notice the kennel in the bottom right corner of that picture?  Yeah, I forgot to take advantage of that every time she did something stupid.  I guess I was the stupid one?

As much as I love Sophie and Oscar the Cat, I don’t love the hair that they leave on every surface of our house.  Actually, not EVERY surface since we don’t have  pet hair on the kitchen counters but if it’s a surface with clothe on it then it has dog and cat hair on it.  Since WE usually have clothe on us then we also end up wearing a little bit of Sophie and Oscar the Cat as well.

We should buy stock in those sticky roller things.  I have considered shaving both of them but then I’d have to buy pet sweaters.

I’m starting to think that the hours of laughter would totally be worth the cost of those sweaters.