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When Do I Take It Out?

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I bring you an interesting question today. When are you [meaning me] too old for an eyebrow ring? I've had mine since I was 18 and now, almost ten years later, I'm still wearing it. When I worked at Mayo Clinic, I would remove the barbell for work but put it back in on the weekends. If I ...

Making Connections

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The connections that Cara is making right now astound me. We always have our TV on. It doesn't matter if the TV is on the news or if it's on cartoons-it's on and I blame a lot of that on me. For some reason, I have the ADD where I need to have noise. If it's too ...

Blogger in Training

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Oliver is down for his nap and Cara just got up from hers. Technically, she didn't take a nap BUT she did hang out in her room for an hour and was quiet so we'll take what we can get. Since I have some work to do, I grabbed up my laptop, my Diet Pepsi and ...

A Very Talented Carpenter

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Cara and I are sitting on the couch trying to do as little as is humanly possible. We're pretty good at the sloth thing. Earlier, Tucker was up getting me some coffee [bless his little pointed head] and a "music video" for Handy Manny came on. First off, since when do cartoon characters get music videos? ...

I Need Sleep

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I am dragging the ass tonight. [And not Tucker. heh] I've been messing around with Dreamweaver some [site design, blah, blah, blah] and Tucker and I didn't go to bed until around 11pm last night. Normally that isn't an issue since both kids generally sleep until around 7:30 am and as long as I get six ...

On Breastfeeding

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I received an email today with a link to a piece that was published in the Atlantic. The email came from a pro-breastfeeding group and I clicked over ready to damn the piece since the group was obviously up in arms over what had been written. But, as I read the story, a lot of what ...

The Park and My New Hair

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Did you guys know that it's Spring Break here? Yeah, we didn't know that either. If we HAD known that very important fact then we might not have gone to the local forest's park. We pulled up and there was NO place to park. When we looked over at the playground, we could hardly see said ...

Sue Happy?

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I apparently just can't catch a break when it comes to my knees. I've written before about screwing up my right knee and now my left one is fucked. Our old neighbors [the alleged drug dealers] got evicted and when they ran moved out,  they left two very neglected potted plants on our door step. We were ...

Hello Kitty is Britney Spears and Other Randomness

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I emailed this to Baby Hawk today. This has nothing to do with this post.

Did you notice that my little "ticker" moved a bit in the upper right hand corner? An anonymous sponsor donated $50 to my BlogHer fund and I can't express in words how much I appreciate it. If I tried, it would sound something like, "SQUEEEE!! OMFG! WOO HOO!!!". I put that "donate" button up there as a ...

Help Me Get to BlogHer

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*I'm making this a "sticky" post since I had to remove my donate box. The box has been moved to the end of this post if you were wondering* I had just started blogging when BlogHer '07 happened. I can remember reading all of the posts and thinking how freakin' cool and damn scary it must ...

Trying to Avoid the Walker

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I love it when I say that I'm going to do something and then something out of my control goes and throws a wrench in that something. I was all like, "Hey shred video, I'm gonna kick your ass!" and so we did Workout 2. I screamed cried laughed at how horrible easy the workout was ...

It’s Snowing

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