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*I’m making this a “sticky” post since I had to remove my donate box. The box has been moved to the end of this post if you were wondering*

blogher-buttonI had just started blogging when BlogHer ’07 happened. I can remember reading all of the posts and thinking how freakin’ cool and damn scary it must all have been and how awesome it would be to go.

When BlogHer ‘o8 rolled around, I was pregnant with Oliver and we weren’t in a position to go across the entire country for me to go to a blog conference. Again, I read about the good times that were had and decided that come BlogHer ’09, I’d be there. I’d drag Tucker and the two kids along and we would go.

Now BlogHer ‘o9 is fast approaching and I haven’t gotten my ticket yet. I haven’t gotten my conference ticket yet because even though Tucker graduated in December with a degree and has management experience from the Navy AND is a generally awesome dork guy, no one has hired him so we’re relying on my income from writing plus his unemployment and the little bit that he gets from being in the Navy Reserves to pay our bills and make sure that rent is paid.

Though I want to have a good time, I look at BlogHer as a business conference and as a chance to network and build some business relationships-hell, maybe I can even get Tucker a job while we’re there.

Everyone would be going-Tucker, Cara, Ollie and me-and we would be driving since Chicago is close enough that the gas would be TONS cheaper than shelling out the cash for four plane tickets.

Basically, I’m asking for your help.

I want to go to BlogHer like nobody’s business but I can’t do it on my own. If you’re so inclined, click the “donate” button up in the right hand corner and shoot me an email at Crazy@TasteLikeCrazy.com if you’d like me to add a link to your site as a sponsor/contributor/cash cow. [Call yourself what you’d like. :)] The total-including hotel, gas, food, parking, etc is $1104.23 but I REALLY need the cost of entrance into BlogHer which is $305.45 [wish I could use the student discount since Tucker’s still a student but I don’t think that he really wants to sit and listen about blogging].

I don’t know if anything will come of this but I figured that the worst that could happen is nothing and I can’t help but ask.

Help me get to BlogHer ’09!

So far, 1 sponsor is helping me get there.

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