Hello Kitty is Britney Spears and Other Randomness

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I emailed this to Baby Hawk today. This has nothing to do with this post.

I emailed this to Baby Hawk today. This has nothing to do with this post.

Did you notice that my little “ticker” moved a bit in the upper right hand corner? An anonymous sponsor donated $50 to my BlogHer fund and I can’t express in words how much I appreciate it.

If I tried, it would sound something like, “SQUEEEE!! OMFG! WOO HOO!!!”.

I put that “donate” button up there as a last ditch effort to get to BlogHer and was shocked that someone was that nice. Now I’m in a tizzy and worrying that BlogHer will sellout before I manage to scrounge up enough cash for the conference tickets. Last I checked, BlogHer had under 150 tickets and it’s giving me minor panic attacks. If I end up not getting enough for the tickets then I’ll refund everyone their donations.

My knee is still jacked up and if it isn’t better by Wednesday then I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment with my awesome Internist. LOVE my doctor. What’s funny [and a potential train wreck] is that he sees half of my mom’s family. Luckily, the guys knows how to keep his mouth shut when it comes to medical issues and he isn’t one to divulge medical information. Still, I can’t help but consider telling him that I injured my knee during a wild bout of sex and see if my mom calls me later to ask how Tucker and I are doing.

I started writing this post about pitbulls and a ban/euthanasia program that’s proposed in OR but the thing swelled to over a 1000 words so that will be for another day since I’m no where near done with it. Definitely one of those posts that’s for no one other than myself since it’s so damn long that I’ll be surprised if anyone reads it to the end.

The days of me having a highly active toddler and a bump on a log infant are over. My six month old has decided that the floor just won’t do and he’s started pulling up to the couch everyday and whacking me. He seems to think that it’s tons of fun to stand there and laugh at his sister. I find it mildly humorous until I consider that we have nothing but acid stained concrete floors in our apartment and when he falls, he’s gonna fall hard. Hopefully, Sophie the Wonder Pitbull will be there to break his fall. Actually, let’s hope that Oscar the Cat is there since he’s a bastard and deserves a couple of knocks.

Tucker is still looking for a job.

Today he got an email concerning a military contractor position that he applied for that started out sounding REALLY promising and by the time he had finished reading the email I wanted to cry.

It went something like this:

Mr. Tucker,

Thank you for your resume submission. Your resume and credentials were very impressive and we were extremely interested in you for this position. However, you were not the most qualified candidate for this position.

Blah, blah, blah.

I just want to find the HR person for some company [any company] and talk to them. Let them know how amazing Tucker is and let them know that he is an absolute asset. Let them know that he has two fucking awesome kids and a [sometimes] cool wife to support and that they have to hire him because they would be missing out on so much if they let him get away.

Sadly, all I can do is bitch about it here.

I understand that there are lots of people out there who deserve jobs and who have families to support, but right now, I don’t care about those other families. I only care about mine. We’ve already found the perfect house [which Cara calls “MY red door house!!!] and now all we need is for Tucker to find a job.

Hell, I’d give up the perfect house just to have some sort of concrete income. I mean, I make enough that my SUV is paid for and I pay some of our bills, but Tucker is so depressed about not having a job.

Tucker fucked off when he was younger. He joined the Navy. He paid his dues. He came back to college and rocked it and graduated. Most people would have just given up but he realizes that now it’s not just about him. Now, Tucker realizes that it’s about his family and I’m astounded at how much he’s matured in the few years that I’ve known him.

Enough of that depressing shit.

One last bit and then I’ll let you get back to life.

Cara is verging on obsession with Hello Kitty. She has plates, bowls, cups, flatware, dolls, bracelets, stickers…you get the idea. Hello Kitty hung the moon and my daughter is attempting to reach that moon and rip it down to add to her collection.

When we’re in the car, I usually listen to talk radio. Every now and then, I’ll flip it to our crap AC Top 40 station. A song by Britney Spears came on and Cara started shrieking “HELLO KITTY!!!!!”. This has happened a couple of times and I finally got it on video. Normally Cara sings along but I guess she got camera shy.

Damn kids.