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My Update

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Cara has a double earinfection and I'm packing for a move on Saturday. I'll update once we get to the new place.

Our New Place

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So, we have an apartment. I wanted an house and we both LOVED the house we went to see on Sunday but for right now, we have a 3 bedroom apartment with over 1300 sq/feet. The place has 9 or 10 ft ceilings and has TONS of space. Hell, I'm just happy that Oliver will have his ...

Going to Alabama Tomorrow

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You know how one decision leads to another which leads to another which ends up stressing you the hell out? Yeah. Me either. We leave tomorrow morning to go to Alabama to look at apartments and houses. We got pre-approved for a very nice sum but still want to look at short term apartments just in case. Cara ...

Tucker Starts his Job Monday

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Tucker's taking a shower right now. He has to go get his hair cut since he starts his job on Monday. That's right. Monday. As in the day after the end of this weekend. Good thing we're going to Alabama this weekend to look at houses. To top it all off, Tucker has to go to Drill next ...

Where I Rant About Baby Shaker

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If you "read me" very often then you already know that I write for b5media about video games and liquor. I don't know if you go to my other sites or not and since I don't know where you go after you hang around here, I figured that I would provide a link to what I ...

Comments and Houses

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This is one of those posts that I care about and don't expect you to care about. However, I still expect you to read it. If you routinely read my site in Internet Explorer, first off STOP THAT and start reading my site with Fire Fox or Safari. It annoys me that I have test my ...

Tucker Got the Job

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Tucker got the job! If you've been following along on Twitter then you know that Tucker had a five person conference call interview Tuesday. At the end of the interview, they told him that they liked him and that they would send his information to the "big guy" and that "the big guy" would make the ...

Get a Convertible Car Seat and Save Some Cash

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My child turned 7 months yesterday. He had his six month check-up today. I know...confusing. We managed to get a month behind on his well baby check-ups because of an insurance issue a couple of months ago but it's all good in the hood now. Ollie is a hair shy of 21 pounds and almost 28 ...

Baby Tries to Remove Eye:Parents think that Sucks

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Oliver Holding onto Cara

Oliver tried to take out his left eye today. Well...not really. He was up a lot last night and when he finally decided this morning to get up for good I decided to stay in bed and enjoy the almost forgotten feeling of NOT being used as a human pacifier. Tucker took the laughing child into ...

When the Job You Get Offered is Worse that the One You Don’t Have

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My dear, dear husband has an interview tomorrow. Hold the balloons and cake. Work Force-the state's unemployment agency-called Tucker today and asked him to come in tomorrow to interview for a Veteran's Benefit Coordinator position. On the surface this seems like a great fit for Tucker. He's a veteran, he has a degree, he knows about how ...

Do You Let Your Child Bathe Alone?

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I was on a mothering forum that I'm a member of and one of the other members posted a poll asking if anyone lets their kids [2 years old and older] bathe without the parents in the bathroom. Most people responded that they would never leave their kids alone in the tub. This is what I had ...

Cara Working

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