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Toddler NO LIKES Pediatrician

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This past week has been filled with phone calls back to Cara and Ollie's pediatrician in Arkansas. For what seems like an eternity [but it's really only been about a month], they've both had ear infections and they both have been acting like the infections were back. The new pediatrician's office here in Alabama refused to see ...

Ollie Smash!

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I guess there are worse ways to be woken at six in the morning...but at the time that this video was taken, I would have preferred to have just stayed asleep. Image|milesdeelite

The Eyelet Shirt

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Like most people, there have been a couple of teachers who have really stuck out for me through the years. A couple were amazing. My first grade teacher is remembered based solely on the fact that she was my first grade teacher and her name had the word "barn" in it and I've always liked barnyard ...

What Would You Like To See?

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Did you ever have a boyfriend who you just kept coming back to no matter what they did or how much you didn't want to come back? That's how I feel about this site. OK. Maybe that's not fair. I started this website as an extension of a message board journal. The journal was decently read and I ...

This is What Happened

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Cara's dentist appointment went famously yesterday. Of course, most of you probably had no clue that she had an appointment unless you follow me on Twitter. I've been sucked into the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton and I'm on book 7 and just keep getting drug deeper into the whole thing. I'd like to blame ...

The Hermit is Leaving the House

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If you've read me for very long [that sounds a bit pretentious but you know what I mean] then you know that I'm a bit of a hermit. I'm perfectly fine staying home with the kids until Tucker comes home and then we all go out together. Truth be told, Tucker is a bit of ...

Dan Zanes CD Giveaway

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Have you ever heard the term "phone tough"? I ran into this a lot when I worked for Teleflora. Someone's flowers didn't get delivered and they would call customer service [me] and cuss me out. Click here to read the rest and enter the giveaway.

Our Trip on Video

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The kids both have ear infections. Lots of fun. I'm trying to catch up on work so here's a video compilation of our trip.

Quick Update

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I HATE DSL!!! I'm sitting in the parking lot at Barnes and Noble and trying to check my 100's of emails while Tucker watches the kids at home. It's not exactly easy to do the whole email thing while I try and watch my surroundings. Imagine how pissed I'm gonna be if someone trys to car jack ...

Menopause Jewelry

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This is a scheduled post since I should be putting boxes in the moving truck. Cross your fingers that the moving is actually taking place. So, another email from Alana: My husband, being unhappy with my mood swings, bought me a mood ring the other day so he would be able to monitor my moods. We've discovered that ...

To be Six Again

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Alana sent me this yesterday. A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, observing his wife, looking at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far off he asked what she'd like to have for her birthday. 'I'd like to be six again', she replied, still looking in the mirror. On the morning of her ...