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After my virtual "breakdown" Saturday night on here and on Twitter over Oscar, I decided to stay away from the internet as much as was possible so that I could get my thoughts [and emotions] together. Maybe breakdown is a tad bit extreme but my emotions were extremely raw and close to the surface. At that ...

I Miss My Cat

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I know. I know! Some of you are tired of hearing about my cat. I know! He's just a cat but dammit! He's MY cat. I'm the one who saved him from a hurricane when we first moved to Florida when Tucker joined the Navy. Oscar was originally supposed to be named Zero [after the dog in Nightmare ...

Cara Reads Barney to Oscar

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Ollie had his nine month appointment today. He's 90th percentile for height and head circumference and 50th for weight. I know that I'm the only one who cares about that but I still felt the need to share. After the appointment, I took the kids to see Oscar at the vet's office. The vet had told ...

I’m Essentially a Coward

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I've been putting off this post since about 9 o'clock this morning. That's around the time that I called the vet to check on Oscar and around the time that Cara started "calling" Oscar with our home phone. You know it's bad when you call to ask when you can pick up your cat and then the ...

I Can’t Do Wordless

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June 23 2009

It's Wednesday and I thought that I would jump back into the Wordless Wednesday foray but soon realized that I lack the ability to just post a picture with no words. I took these pictures of the kids yesterday. When Cara was a wee lass, we took HUNDREDS of pictures of her. Every day I would ...

Oscar the Cat Almost Died

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Today has been one hell of a day. It started out alright. Tucker left for work after dumping Ollie in bed with me. Shortly after, Cara started calling, "SOMEBODY! LET ME OUT! ANYONE?! HELLO?!". It was cute and I was awake so I let the toddler out of her room and the day officially started. I think ...

Official Statement from Canadian Embassy

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I had planned this to be a post about Tucker and the amazing father that he is but if you look at my Twitter stream then you are well aware of the fact that I have become extremely interested in what's happening in Iran/Tehran. Iran has interested me since I came to know a classmate in ...

Rickrolled by Tucker

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Tucker SO asked for this. I've warned him that his emails were in danger of getting published here. Warned him, I'm telling you! But, today, he crossed the line. Some back story so you'll "get" this. Like MONTHS ago, I told Tucker that oxen aren't a breed or species of animal but that an oxen is actually any ...

BlogHer/Lane Bryant Fashion Show

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Lane Bryant Black Top

I'm going shopping this weekend for some clothes for BlogHer. I've mentioned before that Lane Bryant has hooked me and 9 other lovely ladies with gift cards and that's what I shall be using. I'm not listing the other chicks yet cause I don't know if they want me to. I'll send out a big ole ...

Take Back Your Power

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It seems like every female friend of mine has had "something" happen to them. I have one friend who watched her mother be raped by an intruder and then she was raped as well. She was 15. I have another friend who was date raped by her first boyfriend. She was 16. Two friends were molested ...

Hormones and the New “Mommy War”

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Anger Bot

When I was pregnant with Cara, I cried...a lot. Then, I got pregnant with Oliver and I was probably the angriest that I've ever been in my entire life. Anything and everything would set me off and though I knew that most things weren't as big of a deal as my emotions were making them ...

Three Things List

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A couple of things happening today. #1 If you come over here one minute [hour] and the site looks like it does now and then you come back later and it looks different [and possibly broken] it's because the proverbial shelf-life has expired on my site's design and I need something different. Please disregard and carry ...