Rickrolled by Tucker

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Tucker SO asked for this.

I’ve warned him that his emails were in danger of getting published here. Warned him, I’m telling you! But, today, he crossed the line.

Some back story so you’ll “get” this.

Like MONTHS ago, I told Tucker that oxen aren’t a breed or species of animal but that an oxen is actually any bovine that’s been trained to pull a load. It was one of those random ass things that hangs out in my brain and waits for its chance to pounce.

Now, months later, Tucker will still say, “Did you know that an ox is a cow that pulls stuff?”. He always asks it like I’ve never heard it before and like I should be all surprised by his announcement. This is almost a daily thing. There’s a look that comes over his face that telegraphs what he’s about to say and I’ve just started hollaring at him, “DON’T SAY IT!”.

So, when he sent me an email with the subject:OX and this in the body of the email:

Here is the definition.


Lost my shit. Yup. It’s gone.

But, it gets better. Tucker’s gotten hot and heavy here recently about looking for houses. I think that’s hella cool since I used to be the only one looking for houses. When I got this email, I was proud of him…until I clicked the links.

They are just a little bit out of our price range, but I like them.




The first link is to a decent house. The second is to an ├╝ber expensive house and the third…well…Tucker Rickrolled me. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about then click on “rickrolled”. You’ll get a primer.

Then he sent me this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 [Don’t click on it cause you should already know what it is.]

And then, the Rickroll to top all Rickrolls:

http://smouch.net/lol/ [DON’T CLICK IT. Trust me! You’ll only get pissed and I’ve warned you!]

That little annoying Rickroll won’t let you exit out of it until you’ve clicked through all of the lyrics. Normally, this all would have just been annoying and I would have laughed.

No big deal.

Not today and I would like to publicly apologize to Ritter from Lane Bryant for screeching into her ear and cussing Tucker when I opened up that link. That’s right, guys. I was on a business call when I opened that damn link. I finally had to close my laptop because I couldn’t get Rick Astley to shut up and poor Ritter was basically left not knowing what to say while I tried to explain what Tucker had just done.

Thanks Tucker.


And totally unrelated but still cool, I have a giveaway that ends today. Enter to win yummy freeze dried fruit snacks. They rock.