ANOTHER BlogHer Post But This Time with Clothes

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I know you’re probably getting tired of hearing about BlogHer and hell, it hasn’t even happened yet.

I was going to wait on this post until later in the week but have now realized that Mom’s coming tomorrow and from then on it’s going to be a mad dash to get everything done. REALLY glad that I took the kids to the doctor since they both have the makings of some nasty ass ear infections.

Medicine for all for ten days. Woo hoo! *sigh*

On an extremely happy note [notes?] I got more clothes in from Lane Bryant. Every single thing that was sent to me was something that I never would have chosen for myself. From what people on Twitter have been saying, the stuff doesn’t look half bad.  🙂

So, here are the clothes. I’m conflicted over the belt with the leopard print dress. To wear the belt or to not wear the belt. The decisions!

purple shirt

purple shirt arm detail

pink dress

black shirt

leopard dress no belt

leopard dress with belt

I’m also getting some Yummie Tummies [they’ll be waiting for me in Chicago] and a set of earnings and a necklace from Sorrelli. Woo hoo! Tweets to come with discounts and fun stuff during BlogHer.

Image|Andres Rueda