A Gimmick is Worth HOURS of Sleep…I Hope

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There’s is something especially annoying about being kicked out of a good dream by the thumping of a pit bull tail.

That’s how I knew that Cara was in our room this morning.

Before we left for BlogHer, Cara had occasionally said that she was scared of her room. It occurred randomly and usually when she was very tired and fighting sleep like an MMA fighter.

Since we’ve been home, the bullshit “fear” has turned into absolute terror.

While she’s well known for working herself up into a frenzy, this isn’t her regular melodrama. This is a genuine wild eyed, scared shitless thing that I don’t know how to fix.

After putting her to bed at around 8 pm and then listening to her intermittently squawk about it being too dark – her closet was open with the light on and she had TWO nightlights – I finally brought her into the living room and plopped her on the couch next to me while I finished up work.

Within ten minutes, she was snoring quietly.

Once work was done, I crossed my fingers, toes, held my breath and moved Cara to her room. She just kept on snoring.

I left her door open since that seems to have helped a bit and I went to bed.

And then, I heard Sophie’s tail.

Thud. Thud. Thud.

She’s not a small dog so when she wags her tail with purpose, it tends to shake our bed.

Since I wear glasses, everything was rather blurred when I went to kick Sophie but I was still able to make out a shadow wandering aimlessly around our bed.

Cara wasn’t crying and she didn’t seem especially upset but she was determined to get in our bed. Since it was three in the morning, I didn’t have the fight in me to spend an hour listening to her bitch so I told her to get her pillow and blanket [which she conveniently already had] and I pulled her practically limp little body up into the bed.

Head, meet pillow and next thing I know I hear Ollie crying somewhere in the background of this weird dream that I was having that involved me getting a speeding ticket on my couch.

Don’t ask cause I don’t know either.

By this point it was 5 AM and getting light outside so I just gave up. I’m running on two pots of coffee and am about to go find a bra so that I can haul the kids to Target [in the rain] where I will purchase MORE coffee, diapers, and a special “dream” pillow in hopes that that cheap gimmick will convince Cara to sleep in her own freakin’ bed.

Wish me luck.