Pictures of Cara’s Room

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I am NOT a fan of cheap wall decals.

I can remember my step-mom buying some Disney decals for my step-brother’s room when he was little and even then [I was maybe 14] I thought that they looked cheap.

But, I’ve come to the point where if a set of $9.99 Hello Kitty decals will help Cara feel better about her room then I’m shelling out the cash.

We also got Cara a “dream pillow” which is the hideous Disney Princess thing but she wanted it and again, if it helps her sleep, then I can handle hideous.

Bear in mind that the “before” picture was after we had played “tea party” for a good two hours and Oliver had ransacked Cara’s room.

Also, the “room design” is all Cara. I tried giving gentle suggestions about where I thought the decals should go. But in the end, I figured it was her room so why the hell should I care?

Oh, and I got the Hello Kitty decals at Target, if you were wondering.

Hello Kitty Image|sillypucci