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Mother, Thy Name is Cow

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So, I just stepped in it. Cara, Ollie and I were all sitting at the table eating dinner and Cara and I were going over animal sounds and what animals live in the ocean-that kind of thing. Cows came up and I asked Cara what sound they make. "Moo!" [Genius, I'm telling you.] I couldn't leave well enough ...

The Great Doctor’s Office Inquisition

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Cara and Oliver's pediatrician back in Arkansas is the pediatrician by which we gauge all pediatricians. Dr. Sneed is one of those doctors who actually listens to your concerns, makes you feel like your child is their favorite and talks to you like you have a modicum of intelligence. When we moved to Alabama, I very seriously ...

They Might Be Giants – One Dozen Monkeys

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A new favorite of ours. After your two year old demands that you watch it 30 times in a row, I guarantee that the song will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. At least it's a short song. Image|furryscaly

Link Post

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I get pitches all of the time from PR people and ad agencies. Most of the time, the pitches suck. Sometimes the only salutation is "Hi!" and there has been a time or two when someone else's name was after "Hi". Sometimes I get stuff that looks cool or is a something that I think others ...

I Didn’t Die but Oscar Did

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Yup. That's right. Oscar the Cat has gone to live with the cats in heaven and is probably pissing all over St. Peter's dirty clothes. [Thanks to the Twitterverse for helping me remember St. Peter.] I called last Thursday to check on Oscar since Mondays and Thursdays are surgery days and I should have known by ...