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Taking a Break From Work

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Since I found myself a bit behind in my contractually required pieces for work, I decided that TODAY was going to be the day that I got a shit ton of stuff ready and then I could focus on other things. Like cleaning the house. And the kitchen. And contemplating my insane idea to run ...

Work Kicks Mah Butt

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I haven't died. I haven't quit blogging. I wasn't so emotionally spent by my past post that I had to hide or take a break. I have found myself amazingly behind with work and unfortunately, that means that it takes priority over this site. Sucks, but that's how it is. I appreciate all of the great comments that you ...

Something I Hope I Don’t Pass On

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This past week has been hell. I know you just read that sentence and you think that I'm exaggerating but ever since coming back from BlogHer, Cara has had HUGE sleep issues. Three hours of screaming and bitching about her room being "too dark" and "too noise" [noisy] and her saying that she does not want ...

Aunt Flo, Is That You?

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Oh, Internets. Are you feeling OK? I've read several posts in the past couple of days that have ranged from slightly bitchy to downright mean. Even the comments have been getting nasty with judgments on how someone else should live their life or picking apart a  joke. Then, there's Twitter with it's constant back and forth of snarky, ...

Yummie Tummie Video Review

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Yummie Tummie sent me two of their tanks for me to wear to BlogHer - the tank and the boyfriend. Though they might be a bit pricey, the return that you see in smoothed bumps and jiggly bits is well worth it. In case you're wondering, the white sparkly tank and the jeans are from Lane ...

Next Time I’ll Say Something

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I have been young and stupid and have worked many, many different jobs. Some of those jobs I cared about but most I did not. Most of those jobs were more about socializing than rendering a service and my customers were like gnats that annoyed me. So, I get it when I go to Target and I'm ...


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*Note - This was originally posted Dec. 9th, 2008. However, I have moved it up so it's visible again because I have been asked to.* When your average person commits suicide, they do it because they feel dying is the only option left to them.  They are at such a point of despair they can think ...

I Was Almost VERY Lucky

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Samsung 52 inch

Unfortunately [for me], Best Buy has corrected the messed up pricing and I could never get my order to go through. I thought I had my Christmas shopping all wrapped up. Image|Amy Tucker Black and white image|striatic

Letter to My Mom

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I wrote this about two years ago and just rediscovered it again. I know there are some of you out there who can relate. Mom, I hope that you’ll forgive me for writing you instead of calling you; I think I’m taking a break from talking to anyone for a while. There are some things that I’ve wanted to ...

A Game I’d Rather Not Play

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I did something this weekend that I rarely do - I stood up to my dad. It's not that I let my dad walk all over me, it's that he's usually too afraid of me to be an absolute ass in my general direction. I've never chased after him with a knife [though maybe he's deserved ...

A Quiet Place

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Sometimes, when everyone else is asleep and the house is utterly quiet, it is almost heavenly to curl up with a good rum and coke, a cup of cheap ramen and a good book and enjoy being alone. Image|Coca-Cola Art Gallery

I’m a Rat Lover

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Little know fact about me: I love rats. Several years ago, while Tucker was at boot camp for the Navy, I became very, very lonely. I had Sophie, the wonder pit bull, but I still felt a huge gaping hole in my heart where there should have been a Tucker. In my desperation to fill that whole, I ...