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Ollie’s First Birthday Party and the Cake

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Oliver First Birthday Present

This weekend was Oliver's first birthday party. I didn't say "Oliver's first birthday" since he doesn't turn one until the 12 but Tucker will be at Navy Drill this coming weekend and Tucker wasn't going to miss his son's party. It was the way that a first birthday party should be. We had cake and ice cream. Chips ...

We’re Home

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We're back home from Ollie's birthday party that was held in Arkansas and we're all exhausted. Things went great with the exception of the cake but THAT is a story for a different day...like tomorrow. Cara is in her Hello Kitty tent that's in the living room. She goes to sleep easily [well, easily for her] if ...

The Boring List

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So I'm all like, "I'm not quitting. I'll be back." and then I don't post anything on here for like five years or something. Yeah. Sorry about that. I seem to lack the ability to plan out my month with any sort of success so I usually find myself doing a mad rush at the end of ...