My Basket

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Any blogging “expert” will tell you that the key to blogging “success” is to write and write often.

Based on my performance recently, I suppose I’m on the fast track to blogging failure.

It’s just that right now, I feel like I have this basket [mine’s one of those old timey wicker affairs that I used to get at Easter. Yours can be whatever you want.] and I can only fill it up with so much stuff.

There’s the kids [and they’re space hogs] and cooking and occasionally cleaning and then there’s the two sites that I write for for money and then there’s this site. Add to that the two stories that I’ve started and still need to expand and now you have an awful lot of shit in one tiny, rather delicate basket.

I’m not super strong so some of that stuff’s gotta come out so my arm doesn’t fall off. Cause I need my arm. And I’ve officially taken this device past the point of usefulness.

The point, which I know you already get since you’re a smart bunch, is that when everything is in “my basket” I get overwhelmed and can’t see my way out of the mess I’ve made.

This past month, I got way behind on my work obligations and for the first time ever, I didn’t meet my minimums. That’s bad and it sucked and I had to email my boss and confess to her that I really am a bit crazy and basically that I’m sorry I suck.

I expected to get canned.

I’m pretty sure Tucker expected me to get canned. But, I had done [and not done] all that I could do and I just had to wait on my boss’s response. Luckily for me, she’s a pretty damn understanding person and she didn’t fire my ass. So, now we get down to the reason this site hasn’t been updated in a coon’s age.

This site got “taken out of the basket”.

I just couldn’t do it all – I wanted to and I tried to but based on last month’s performance, I really can’t do it all.

So. Where does that leave me and this site?

I’m not shutting it down because there’s really no need for that. I’m not taking a “blogging break”. I’m just not going to stress myself out about if I’ve written anything here. I have an actual job that I have to worry about and this place is supposed to be somewhere I come to write what’s going on in my head that has to get out. And sometimes, there isn’t anything.

Sometimes, my brain is absolute mush by the end of the day and all I want to do is watch Mad Men online and forget about writing.

Today, I don’t have mush brain and I kind of want to write about the Ft. Hood shootings since Tucker’s in the military and the shootings hit close to home – especially since he’s working on an Army base right now. I also realize that I haven’t posted any pictures of Cara’s rockin’ birthday party or the cake that I made that took me three fucking hours to make.

But, today, I think this is all I’m going to write.

It’s a cold, bright day. Tucker’s at Drill and my goal is to get my work done early and take the kids to the park.

I don’t do enough of that and since the kids do take up the majority of my “basket”, they need to be my number one concern.

Image|Okinawa Soba