Cara’s First Chapter Book

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Cara and I started on her first “chapter book” last night.

I just got in this book to review called The Lost Children [affiliate link] and Cara latched onto the book like a leech on an armpit. She quickly informed me that I was going to read the book to her at bedtime. In fact, she wanted to go to bed right then – it was 14:00.

Tucker and I explained to her about five times and five different ways that the book didn’t have pictures. Cara was not to beĀ deterred.

Baths were given. Teeth were brushed. Cara was tucked under her covers and I started in on the book…fully expecting her to start playing around with something instead of listening to the book.

She only got up once – to get more “friends for Hello Kitty” – and quickly got back in bed and listened to the remainder of the chapter. She even asked questions about the book: What does inscrutable mean? Why is her mommy dead? Why is her daddy so mean? The dead mommy question was easy because I just got to say “I don’t know why she’s dead. We haven’t gotten to that part in the book yet.” Ha!

We liked the book…at least I know the first chapter was good. At this rate, we’ll be done in a few years.