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Morning Email

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Have you ever had one of those dreams where someone you know does something that pisses you off in your dream and then you wake up and you're still pissed off even though you know you're being irrational? That happened to me last night. And here's the email exchange between Tucker and me...because I can't really improve ...

Must Push Through

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I woke up this morning, sat down with my laptop and coffee and started working on Sims 3 Gamer. Since I am not only the Editor-In-Chief [anyone else always thing that was Editor-AND-Chief] but also the web designer on the site, my job has been more on the web design side and less on the writing ...

Your Own Worst Enemy

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I'm liking the multi-part post thing. It helps mah ADD riddled mind stay on track and it's a hell of a lot easier to jump from #1 where I'm talking about breastfeeding to #2 where I want to talk about video games. None of that messy transition stuff. Today on Taste Like Crazy, you shall read ...

Getting Fired Isn’t Always Bad

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WOMAN GETS FIRED FROM WRITING POSITION AFTER YEARS OF LOYAL SERVICE! *snort* So, yeah. I got canned from b5Media today. Note: this will be a three part post. #1 is about me getting fired #2 is about how I've lost 15 lbs with no exercise #3a is about Ollie's haircut and #3b is about being a single mom for ...

Better Than Dr. Psuedo Freud

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Today was my much waited for new shrink appointment. Actually, she's a LPC [Licensed Professional Counselor] but "shrink" easier to say so I'm gonna stick with that. The office [though it kind of resembled a really nice prison] was freakin' huge and the staff was pleasant. A very nice change from some of the shrinks' offices I've been ...

Road Trip and Puke

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I'd love to write something deep and insightful but I'm running short on deep and insightful today. We spent the weekend in Arkansas and while it was great, I'm pretty sure we all missed our routine. Tucker and I were both dreading last night since we had convinced ourselves that last night was going to suck ...