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No Ice Cream

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Caroline has a sweet tooth rivaled only by her father's. Because of Tucker's habit of finishing off a HUGE tub of ice cream in like two days, we normally don't have it in the house. But, for some reason, on our last trip to Target I bought us some ice cream and Tucker suggested ice cream cones since ...

Can a Guy Write a Good Love Story?

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I wonder if I'm a sexist when it comes to the books I read? I automatically assume a romance written by a chick will be better than a romance written by a guy. Am I the only one? So, I went into Fireworks Over Toccoa [affiliate link] with a chip on my shoulder completely expecting to not ...

6 Things You Probably Already Knew About Cats

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1. Cats aren't so great with playground equipment. 2. But cats are still ninjas. 3. Cats hate dogs. A lot. 4. Even sad faced kittehs are damn cute. 5. Cats are great guitar players. 6. Cats love shiny things. Image/Flickr

Lack of Sleep Leads to Favoritism

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I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that parents aren't supposed to have favorites when it comes to their kids but after last night, Cara is looking like a freakin' rockstar. This favoritsm is, I'll admit, colored by a lack of sleep. Oliver's problem has never been going to sleep. That kid could go to sleep curled up ...

Today I Felt Like a Good Mom

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Today I felt like a good mom. A real mom. It's not that I suck most days - maybe I do - but my kids are fed, clothed, cuddled and a heck of a lot of attention is paid to them. But today? Today was different. The day dawned clear, cool and sunny. There was a breeze that ...

Goals: Wish I had Some

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When I was young - probably up until 18 - I planned on becoming a veterinarian. Once I hit college, I modified my goal to include medical school since the classes were just about the same and I wanted to keep my options open. Life did what it normally does and threw me a couple of ...

Steve Carrell and Laughing at Ranch

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It's amazing what there is to write about when I actually get out of the house. On Friday, I met with a psychologist to talk about medication for mah crazy. First off, the guy didn't shake my hand. Maybe I'm weird, but when I first meet someone, especially in a professional setting, I expect my hand to ...

Winter Garden

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I got Winter Garden [affiliate link] a couple of months ago from a very nice PR woman whose email address has since been lost in the great email apocalypse of 2010. I had a lot on my plate at the time and couldn't find the time to read the book and then, when I finally did get the ...

Celebrate the Steps Don’t Mourn Them

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Last night was one of those nights where it became crystal clear to me that my boy is growing up. And I'm happy about that. And when I say I celebrate that, I really mean it. But it was like being slapped upside the head with a cinder block and it took me a bit by ...

Oliver Now Sleeps in a Toddler Bed

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Last night was the first night Cara slept in her full sized bed and Ollie slept in Cara's toddler bed. That's right. When we want to screw up the equilibrium of our household, we do it all the way, baby. Tucker kept asking if I wanted him to go ahead and take the crib down and I kept ...

That Dream and That Next Sentence

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In the spirit of writing, because I need to write and I haven't written in a coon's age - and when I say "written", I mean really written anythingworthwhile - I'm writing. I have a book - since that's what it needs to be - that came to me in a dream - I know. I ...

It’s Time to Write

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I figure the best way to get back into the swing of things with regards to blogging is just to do it. I have no subject in my head - nothing I really want to talk about - but writing is a habit and when you get out of the habit it's hard to get back ...