One eskimO Sticks with You

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Generally when I do something stupid I think about how I’m going to word it on here since I’m a big dork.

I’ll get back to the stupid here in a second.

One 2 One Network sent me a CD to review by a band named One eskimO. I like music. I like free music. I figured I’d like One EskimO.

I had errands to run or something – main point is I was in my SUV and popped the CD in the stereo and the display went black and the CD player didn’t “eat” the CD like it’s supposed to.

So what did I do?

I pushed it in farther. What were you expecting me to do? Pull it out?

My reasoning was if the CD player didn’t want to eat the CD, I’d force feed it. And that worked wonderfully. And by wonderfully I mean I had to pay the Mitsubishi dealership $50 for them to tell me I need to replace the stereo since they can’t get the CD out…which won’t play. See? One eskimO stuck with me…in my CD player. Get it? Oh, never mind.

Since the CD is still living in my SUV’s CD player, I consider myself pretty lucky One 2 One also sent me the digital album which I was able to listen to and love.

Though I have a cold, black spot in my heart for bands like NIN, Marilyn Manson and Rage Against the Machine, my go-to music tends to be more along the lines of the singer-songwriter type. James Taylor, Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper and The Acorn enjoy their own happy places on my laptop.

One eskimO fits right in except they’re English. And by English I mean pretty freakin’ cute.

And they sounded good. I listened to the album a couple of times while I was working and it’s one of those CDs that doesn’t distract you from what you’re doing but isn’t¬†forgettable¬†enough to be elevator music. Makes really good background music – something good to listen to when you’re just chilling.

If I had heard them on the radio, I most likely would have bought their album on iTunes and would have been happy with mah purchase since I like just about all of the songs.

Here’s the Kandi video so you can check them out yourself. You can also download a free copy of their song “Astronauts”.