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Grammar Nazi

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I'm one of those especially annoying people who correct what other people say. The compulsion isn't as bad as it used to be - now I usually just correct stuff in mah head. I blame that compulsion on my mom because she's an easy target [Hi, Mom!] and she isn't nearly as good as me at ...

That Kid

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Ever get to that point right before you're supposed to go grocery shopping where you have like some flour, a couple of cans of vegetables of some sort and some peanut butter? Maybe you haven't but that's where we were today and though we're going to stock up tomorrow, we needed milk and eggs and some ...

It All Comes Back to Pink Paint

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Eight days ago, Cara took it upon herself to decorate her room. With a cheap black crayon. If you're wondering, don't go cheap with the crayons; buy the washable type. Trust me. This was the result of Cara's work: Mind you, if she had put this artwork on paper, I would have probably hung it up on the ...

Don’t Click This

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Hints at What’s to Come

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This weekend was just a normal weekend. We cleaned up a bit. I broke my website so I could fix it and redesign it. I waited impatiently for my copy of Charlaine Harris's new Sookie Stackhouse book - Dead in the Family - to arrive. I have some opinions on the book. Once Alana finishes my ...

The Lost Children Loved by Three Year Old

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Cara has been interested in books since she was about nine months old. At that age, I guess she was more interested in ripping up the books than she was in listening to the story but she's gotten better with age. Thankfully. Replacing all of those books got expensive! We've made it a habit to read at ...

True Blood Mini-Episode For the Win

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You know how much I love the Sookie Stackhouse books. And when I say "love", I mean I've read some of those books - Book 4, HELLO! - multiple times. Of course I've been watching the True Blood series and though I don't particularly love the direction Alan Ball has taken, I still can't quit watching. Due ...

March Against Pit Bull Discrimination

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When Sophie was a puppy - maybe three months old - she was viciously attacked by a chihuahua. Yeah, I know. My pit bull was attacked by achihuahua. We don't talk about it much because it reminds Sophie she was pwned by a dog that was already half her size. I wrote a long time ago, ...