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White Heat Review

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I had the hardest time getting into White Heat. I don't know if it was Novak's voice or if it was just me being all weird because I'm in such a funk right now. Maybe I just wasn't ready to switch gears to something that wasn't YA? Whatever. After the first few pages, I was hooked. The book was ...

Brenda Novak Guest Post: Increasing Productivity and Maintaining Balance

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This is a guest post by Brenda Novak and is part of her White Heat blog tour. Hope you enjoy it and it gets you to thinking. Time Management is something I struggle with on a daily basis. Why? Because one thing I don’t plan into my day is time to relax and just “hang,” and that’s so ...

The Container Store $100 Gift Card Giveaway

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So, since you're good people, I thought I would let you in on this sweet giveaway I'm doing. On second thought, I guess it wouldn't be a giveaway if you didn't know about it. Here's the deal. I have a $100 gift card to The Container Store to give one of you sunny, happy people. And you. YOU ...

Word of the Day: Haustellum

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haus·tel·lum [haw-stel-uhm] n. plural haus·tel·la [haw-stel-uh] (in certain crustaceans and insects) an organ or part of the proboscis adapted for sucking blood or plant juices. My grandpa used to give me words like this to lookup in his 50 million pound dictionary. The thing smelled like leather and dirt and coffee and pipe smoke. Did I mention it was heavy? So why is haustellum a word my grandpa would have "assigned" to me? Because he would know it contains ...

30 Something is WAY More Relevant Now

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Last night, I decided to peruse Netflix to see what TV shows were hanging out and what was available for See Now or whatever it's called. I watched all of the first season of Lie to Me - which I LOVED - and then was stuck with the realization I wasn't going to be able to watch ...

What I’m Reading Today

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I just looked up at the top of my browser window and realized I had 47 tabs of Chrome open - no wonder my laptop was burning my thigh. I have this habit of opening new tabs every time I come across something I find interesting so I can read it after I get some ...

Word of the Day: Gerascophobia

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Medical terms are stupid because they don't structure  the definitions like they're structured in regular dictionaries. I'm feeling punchy today. Just go with it. So, Gerascophobia. This is a fun phobia. Sufferers of this fear experience undue anxiety about aging even though they may be in good health--physically, economically and otherwise. They may worry about the loss of ...

On This My Children are Similar

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Sometimes my kids are so similar it hurts.

Word of the Day: Flânerie

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flâ·ne·rie    [flahnuh-ree] n. French. idleness dawdling [Origin: French, from flâner ‘saunter, lounge’.] This is the perfect word for anyone who just doesn't feel like doing a damn thing. The couch is your friend and work is something to put off for another day. I got some stuff done yesterday but for the most part, I was a dawdling, idle person. And ...

A Story of a Broom and Opossums

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Yesterday I didn't do a Word of the Day post because it was a stereotypical Monday. Mondays don't usually bother me since I don't work outside of our apartment but, man, yesterday was a Monday. Know what I mean? But pull up a beanbag and have a sit. I've got a story to tell and it's a good one. My parents divorced when ...

Word of the Day: Elephantiasis

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el·e·phan·ti·a·sis   [el-uh-fuhn-tahy-uh-sis, -fan-] n. 1.Pathology . a chronic filarial disease resulting in lymphatic obstruction, characterized by marked enlargement of the parts affected, esp. of the legs and scrotum, transmitted by mosquitoes. 2.Untoward growth or development: bureaucratic elephantiasis. [Origin: 1575–85; < L < Gk elephantíāsis, equiv. to elephant- elephant + -iāsis -iasis] The first thing I thought ...

Living Will: A Joke

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My friend Alana occasionally emails me forwarded jokes she gets  while she's in the salt mine better known as the bank where she's employed. This joke was one of those where you had to scroll down like two mouse rolly ball rolls so you could get passed all of the junk and get to the joke. I ...