Word of the Day: Flânerie

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flâ·ne·rie[1]    [flahnuh-ree]

n. French.

  • idleness
  • dawdling
[Origin: French, from flâner ‘saunter, lounge’.]

This is the perfect word for anyone who just doesn’t feel like doing a damn thing. The couch is your friend and work is something to put off for another day.

I got some stuff done yesterday but for the most part, I was a dawdling, idle person. And it was great. The only drawback is I now have to kick it into high gear so I can get today’s work AND yesterday’s work done.


Use this word in-place of words like: bum, deadbeat, slob and loitering. It’s especially handy when you want to show off your superior language skills to further convince yourself of your mental superiority. Much like when you pronounce foyer in the French manner.


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