Word of the Day: Gerascophobia

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Medical terms are stupid because they don’t structure  the definitions like they’re structured in regular dictionaries.

I’m feeling punchy today. Just go with it.

So, Gerascophobia. This is a fun phobia.

Sufferers of this fear experience undue anxiety about aging even though they may be in good health–physically, economically and otherwise. They may worry about the loss of their looks, the loss of independence, inactivity after retirement, impaired mobility, the onset of disease, and confinement in a nursing home. Modern society’s preoccupation with youthful beauty does nothing to alleviate their fears.[1]

I wouldn’t necessarily add this to my list of neuroses but I’d be lying if I completely denied being nervous about the whole “old thing”. Alana and I have discussed this at length and have both determined the age of thirty will be a bitch to take.

Forty won’t be as much of an issue; thirty is when you’re officially an adult – in my mind anyway – and I don’t feel like I’m ready for that kind of responsibility. That sounds stupid once I write it down but it’s true. And odd since I have two kids and am married and all that.

I remember being told my college years are the best years of my life and I’m more than a bit nervous that might be true.

Now leave me a comment to convince me I’m not the only person [other than Alana] who feels this way.


  1. [1]You can get a longer definition here.