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Wisk Protein Science Experiment

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This is the second post in my Wisk series. You can read the first one by heading over to my Pre-Review of Wisk with Stain Spectrum Technology if you're so inclined. The goal of this post/video is to illustrate the job Wisk does on protein stains. In this case, the stain was a pre-made grass swatch. ...

The Wilderness Downtown

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I spend many hours a day on the internet and visit maybe a hundred websites a day. For one website to impress me enough that I feel compelled to write something about said website is saying something. That makes sense...right? Obviously the thing made a heck of an impact on you. I highly suggest you check ...

Busy and House Lust

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I only have a couple of minutes cause I have a bunch of stuff to write up for a gaming magazine based in the UK. They want to feature some of the stuff I've put on Sims 3 Gamer and so that's what I'm a doin'. Oh. And I went and looked at a house today - ...

Psych Nurses Shouldn’t Be Rude

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When it comes to shrinks and therapists, I'm not of the opinion all should be flowers, rainbows and sparkly unicorns. In order to make any sort of progress, you have to do the hard work - the uncomfortable work - required to achieve your goals and sometimes that means you don't like your mental health professionals ...

11 Retro Commercials I Can’t Quit

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We traveled back to Arkansas this weekend to help my mom buy a laptop and get connected to Skype so she can see her grandkids whenever she wants. Stick with me here - there's a point. Since the trip was a tad spontaneous, we didn't get to Mom's house until 2230 or something on Friday and ...

I’m Harpyesque

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I've come to accept in the last couple of days that I'm a hollerer. I start out quiet [Or, as quiet as I can be; I'm pretty loud all the time.] and then escalate to something around the decibel region of a tornado siren. I don't mean to go there...to that place. I would much rather be quiet and do ...

Did He Cheat or Didn’t He?

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We live close to the local university so tenants come and go with the semester since most of them are college students. For the most part, they aren't loud but they have a lot of issues. Remember those issues? The boy drama? The friend drama? The should-I-call-him-or-should-I-wait-?!!! drama? All that crap makes me happy I'm married. Three sorority sisters moved ...

Toddler Flops Sophie the Pit Bull

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One Sentence Blog Post

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I knew when Oliver started petting my leg as if it were a dog that it was time to shave. *Feel Free to add your own one sentence blog post in the comments section below.* Image

36 Favorite Android Apps for Samsung Captivate

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I told you about dropping my Samsung Propel in the bathtub whilst checking the water temperature, right? Maybe I didn't but I'm too lazy at this moment to go back and check. I took the phone apart, tossed it in a Ziploc bag full of uncooked rice and crossed my fingers the phone could be resurrected. The phone ...

Word of the Day: Mudlark

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mud·lark    [muhd-lahrk] n. 1. Chiefly British . a person who gains a livelihood by searching for iron, coal, old ropes, etc., in mud or low tide. 2. Chiefly British Informal . a street urchin. 3. either of two black and white birds, Grallina cyanoleuca, of Australia, or G. bruijni, of New Guinea, that builds a large, mud nest. v. (used ...

3-Piece Peignor Babydoll Set Review

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After two c-sections, my stomach isn't a body part I enjoy showing off. If I'm trying to wear something to bed that isn't a t-shirt[Something more exciting, shall we say?] I'm stuck with a bra and pantie set - which shows my stomach - or with a grandma night gown look which is great if you're ...