Did He Cheat or Didn’t He?

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We live close to the local university so┬átenants┬ácome and go with the semester since most of them are college students. For the most part, they aren’t loud but they have a lot of issues.

Remember those issues? The boy drama? The friend drama? The should-I-call-him-or-should-I-wait-?!!! drama?

All that crap makes me happy I’m married.

Three sorority sisters moved in on the floor above us. I do most of my work whilst sitting on our door mat in the breezeway. I tend to be very quiet and wear my headphones.

I wasn’t wearing my headphones last night.

A door above me clicked shut and I hear a match being struck. A deep inhale came from the stairwell and someone sighed one of those depressed sighs you tend to only see/hear in movies.

Girl 1: Sarah, you can tell he loves you. His ex-girlfriend is strange, but I kind of know her and she’s totally over him.

Girl 2 [Sarah?]: Haley, he cheated on her with five different chicks in a three month period. That’s what she told me. That’s why she ended it. He says he didn’t. I don’t know who to believe.

Girl 1: If he says he didn’t do it then he didn’t. You just have to trust him and not listen to her. She’s psycho and she’s a liar. You know who you should trust.

Girl 2: He told me he pulled out. That’s something, right?

Girl 1: Exactly.

WAH?!! Did the guy sleep with all those chicks or didn’t he? I’m so confused.

SO glad I’m married. And of course it’s because I’m madly in love with my husband and it has nothing to do with how stupid college kids are and how stupid I probably sounded a couple of years ago.