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I’m Beside Myself!

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8 Kitchen Gift Musts for the Home Cook

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Heather published a post today entitled Practical Gifts for New and Aspiring Cooks and as I went down the list, I kept noticing stuff I have in my kitchen. And then I started sending Heather links of stuff I liked that she didn't have on her list and I had planned on just leaving a ...

You’re Lovely

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Today is one of those days when it seems people need to hear they're OK just the way they are. Nothing needs to be changed so they're worthy of love. They're lovely just they way they are. When's the last time you heard you were fine? You were perfect the way you are? You don't have to ...

Cereal Killer

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Mom's here for Thanksgiving. We're having brined chicken, dressing, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, some kind of rolls and caramel pie. Yay for Thanksgiving! Yay for food. That's not the point. Point! Where'd you go?! About ten minutes ago, Mom and I were talking about the West Memphis Three case. I'm originally from around that area and ...

What is Something You Wish You had Done in Your Life?

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I opened up the site this morning with the expectation of writing and it just made me feel tired. But since I hadn't been to the "front" of the site in a while - where you are right now - I knew I should go take a peak just in case it was broken or ...

My Kids Fight All the Time

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This week has been one of those weeks were I asked myself every single day if there was supposed to be a full moon that night. Every morning, Cara and Ollie have gotten up and started in on each other. Cara would sock Ollie or Ollie would bite Cara; we really thought the biting thing ...

Batman Kills Writer’s Block

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I'm pretty certain I have writer's block. Or rather, I can't think of anything to write. Which means I'm going to ramble aimlessly on about anything that comes to mind so I can convince myself this isn't a permanent mental state. Because that would blow. Rambling is the best medicine. When you can't write, you write. You ...

Belated Birthday Wishes

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Cara's four now. Officially a year older and I just realized I haven't said a thing about it. Granted, things have been crazy around here - more crazy than usual - but her birthday just flew right on by me. We had a party and cake and presents but I forgot to post about it and ...

Bink and Gollie Kids’ Book Review and Giveaway

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Bink and Gollie was sent to us a few weeks ago with the press release giving the suggested age rang of between six and eight. Old for Cara but we've never payed much attention to age suggestions on stuff. Glad I didn't let the age range scare me off. The story is about two friends - Cara ...

Veterans Day: Thank a Veteran Because They Earned IT

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Today is Veterans Day. Tucker's a veteran. Mom's second husband was a Marine sniper during Vietnam and received three Purple Hearts for his trouble. My grandpa was in WWII and Korea and would have gone to Vietnam if he hadn't retired. My grandma's [Grandpa's wife] first husband was in the Army and died a war hero ...

Wisk Says, “Go Away, Lip Gloss!”

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This is the last post in the Wisk Stain Spectrum series of reviews. You can find the other three here: Pre-Review of Wisk with StainSpectrum Technology, Wisk Protein Science Experiment [this is my mom's favorite] and Wisk Carbohydrate Lab Tailgate Party Experiment. The subject for today's demonstration was oil stains and I was sent a compact ...

Frisbee Owl Says Toddler Walking into Wall is Funny

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I tend to believe Cara didn't sleep a single night all the way through from two weeks old until probably six months ago. Oliver was probably asleep when he was born; he's always been a big fan of getting his beauty sleep. Then, about six months ago, my kids swapped places and it was such an ...