What is Something You Wish You had Done in Your Life?

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I opened up the site this morning with the expectation of writing and it just made me feel tired. But since I hadn’t been to the “front” of the site in a while – where you are right now – I knew I should go take a peak just in case it was broken or something. And it’s not. You can see that. I am stating the obvious. You’re welcome.

While I was there, I scanned through the “headlines” under the 300px ad on the far right[1] [2] and saw: Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Well that’s damn provocative, isn’t it?

Maybe it’s not the almost sentence that’s provocative – it’s the answer.

The semi-question is part of a 30 Days of Truth meme[3] Canape [4]is doing that she read about from Janet[5] which is 30 days of writing prompts.[6]

The only problem is there are 30 of those dudes and it’s day 23. Oops. Bit late to that game.

#23: What is something you wish you had done in your life?[7]

For my Senior Trip, I went to Cancun.

I got hit on by a whole lot of Mexican guys who spoke to me in Spanish [8] and I would promptly reply, “No hablo inglés.”

And then get laughed at.

There might be a couple of incriminating photos floating around out there of me on a bar but I had my clothes on and that’s a lot more than most of the people so I looked pious in contrast.

I saw a lot of the beach since our hotel room faced the beach and since our room’s air conditioner was broken – I slept on the balcony. The sound of the waves hitting the sand was nice but I’m not a beach person. [9]

I saw a lot of bars and a lot of tourist shops that sold cheap imitations of culture.

I don’t do the tourist crap; If I had had a stronger backbone, I would have gone and seen the Mayan ruins instead of Senor Frog’s.

Though I’m glad I went to Mexico, I wish I had gone to Europe.

Visiting a place like the Cologne Cathedral in Germany could almost make a person believe in God.

The Scottish Highlands have always interested me and I’m not sure if one could beat Dunvegan Castle.

The Netherlands – Mom lived in Holland for a time while Grandpa was stationed overseas and I’ve always wanted to visit Holland. The picture above is of Amsterdam.

I wish I had gone to Europe. It takes my breath away. The history alone is hard to fathom. I wish I hadn’t been “safe” and gone along with people who weren’t even really my friends. I should have gone to Europe by myself.

Maybe one day I’ll get over across the pond.

Hopefully more than once.

Images: LampCancun, Cologne Cathedral, Dunvegan Castle, Amsterdam

  1. [1]It’s the big square one.
  2. [2]Those headlines are from other people who use BlogHer to provide advertising.
  3. [3]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme
  4. [4]Surely that’s not her real name but I don’t know what the real one is so let’s just go with Canape.
  5. [5]IzzyMom
  6. [6]Am I the only one who felt like they were reading a session of Telephone?
  7. [7]It was originally, “Something you wish you had done in your life.” but the almost question was bothering me.
  8. [8] Probably due to my dark hair and skin.
  9. [9]Sand’s nice to look at but hell in a bathing suit.