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Logical Burger King

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During Cara and Oliver's pediatrician appointment, diet was discussed with the usual warning to not frequent fast food restaurants more than occasionally - which made my earlier proclamation of McDonald's as a treat for Cara doing so well with her vision and hearing test seem more than just a bit ill timed. But our pediatrician is a ...

Sick Baby

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When Cara was first born, I knew the shot schedule better than I knew my daily schedule...probably because I didn't have a daily schedule but you get what I'm trying to say. Possible side effects were researched. A bastardized cost-benefit analysis was conducted and I went into every appointment educated and confident in my decisions for Cara. And then Ollie was ...

Swimming in the Crazy Pool

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I was in Arkansas Tuesday. The kids and I left Alabama at 7am and met my in-laws in West Memphis where I handed the kids off and continued on my way to the hospital where my dad was in ICU. Cause ICU's where you end up when you try to kill yourself. That or the morgue. ...