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My Favorite Posts on Taste Like Crazy from 2010

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I had some pretty good posts in my favorites from 2009 and I was nervous about going through this year's archives; I don't remember this year being monumental with regards to content. But I found some not so bad stuff. There are some months where I'm including a couple of posts and there are a couple ...

Positive I’m Up Way Too Early and We’re All Getting Sick

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You won't read this right after I publish it because I'm writing it at a quarter till five since Ollie woke up thirty minutes ago and was wide awake. Wide awake and burning up. Since I set my coffee pot to around 6am, I didn't have coffee once I got Ollie situated on the couch with his sweet ...

fail0verflow Ninja Sneaks Linux Into a PS3 Slim and Puts Videos On YouTube

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I have absolutely no desire to run Linux on my dinosaur of a PS3, Steve. I'm geeky but I don't consider myself that geeky. That and I'm pretty sure Steve would catch on fire. However, I am geek enough to get just how cool this is for folks who love them some Linux and for those ...

Dinner’s Yummy Mistake: Chicken and Dumplings

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I got a dutch oven for Christmas from my in-laws and after I almost squished my left foot with the thing, I've been looking for things to make in the red behemoth. I revisited Boeuf Bourguingnon and I have no clue how I managed to make that without a dutch oven. I must be that ...

Let’s Be Nice

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This isn't a resolution post. Think of this as a "something myself and a lot of other people should already be doing but we're too damn jaded and it's too damn easy to just be assholes" reminder. Note: this is NOT a meme. However, if you'd like to link back here and/or link to this on the Facebook ...

The Anatomy of a Resolution

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Not quite sure what this image has to do with anything but the picture made me happy and so I just added some witty text and spent way too long writing this alt text no one is going to read but it makes me happy to have alt text. Let's hope this image loads otherwise there's going to be a HUGE paragraph. heh

It's almost the first of the year and you know what that means: sales, booze and broken promises to yourself. It'll all work out though since you'll break at least one of your resolutions within the first couple of days and use retail therapy and the remaining alcohol from the New Year's party to help get ...

Real Live Facebook and Christmas Lights Videos

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Today we make the not so long journey back to Arkansas. Don't come to our apartment and steal our stuff since the only electronic thing we're leaving is our TV and that dude is huge and heavy and you'll herniate yourself and you'll still be on the floor when we get home. And then you'd look rather ...

Wild Turkey’s The Rooster for True Grit Opening

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The remake of True Grit comes out today and maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about--which is a shame. Here's the old trailer for it. Maybe this will help you remember what True Grit is/was? Here's the trailer for the remade True Grit: And here's the recipe for The Rooster inspired by the main character of ...

The Mothers’ Bill of Rights

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When Tucker takes his shower before work, I always hear him talking to himself. He says he's planning his day; I say he's crazy. Pot, meet kettle. This morning I was first to the shower though that's not to say showering in the morning--or even everyday--is normal for me. By the time I get the kids fed ...

For All My Working Peeps

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The Great Christmas Unsuck of 2010 via The Bloggess

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I'm not a fan of people; in general they pretty much suck. Then someone does something that makes it impossible to deny there are a few people out there who don't suck all the time. Jenny started The Great Christmas Unsuck of 2010--my title not hers. The idea was simple enough: the first 20 people who commented on ...

Christmas on the Cheap for the Booklover

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This is a derivative work. I added the text, changed the color levels and cropped the image.

Ever since I got my Samsung Captivate, I've been using it to read ebooks. I don't see my phone and the digital version of books to ever completely replace paper books for me, but the digital version does come in awfully handy. After trying out different ebook apps, I've decided Laputa Pro is my favorite. Use this QR ...