Let’s Be Nice

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This isn’t a resolution post.

Think of this as a “something myself and a lot of other people should already be doing but we’re too damn jaded and it’s too damn easy to just be assholes” reminder.

Note: this is NOT a meme.

However, if you’d like to link back here and/or link to this on the Facebook or on the Twitter then don’t let this sistah stop you.

I challenge you to write one positive post a week for a month. One a week. Four posts total. That’s only a pain if you only write a post like semiannually or something. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to extend this to the other far flung reaches of the interwebs like Facebook or Twitter.

Write however and about whatever you want but a perfect stranger should be able to read the end result and the post/thing should leave them feeling soft and fuzzy and happy. Sharp and stabby and pissed isn’t the goal.

Nice/positive thing of the day: I like it when snow’s tenacious and won’t melt even when it sits out in the sun all day and it’s 40°F outside.

Side note: To the three of you who emailed me–but didn’t comment–I did not go off my meds.

I found it humorous someone might have developed a cat food problem so I used that as an example. Because I thought it was funny. And at the end off the day, that’s what matters.