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Blissdom 2011 Recap…Hopefully It’s Not THAT Boring

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When I was driving through the hills between Nashville and my house, I had grand plans for the post that would sum up Blissdom better than any other post on the internet. The post would be amazing, inspiring and not one of those posts where only the folks who attended the conference appreciate them.You know what ...

Yogurt Sourdough Starter and Bread Recipe

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When I was a lot younger than I am now, my mom was given some sourdough starter and she made copious amounts of sourdough bread. One of the best things in the world? Taking a piece of still-warm sourdough bread and burring your nose in it. Trust me. Then the plague hit Mom's starter and all ...

Clean Boob of Health

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Ductogram was this morning and I suspect years of breastfeeding came in handy as I felt next to nothing. Though the contrast did make me wonky for about fifteen minutes afterwards. I had one of the coolest radiologist evah--I've known a lot of radiologists in my time from when I worked at Mayo so I can say ...

Show the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Keep Going

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I read a Salon.com article yesterday--I tried to find the link but didn't locate it. Leave a link in the comments if you read it too.-- about Mormon women blogs and how the author stalks the blogs because they make motherhood and marriage and life in general look so easy and carefree.  The only blog ...

Snow Day!

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Where I DON’T Talk About My Left Boob

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Oops. Already screwed that up, didn't I? I don't have much to say except it's still snowy but it only looks pretty from the window because the snow has actually turned into this slush/mud/ice conglomeration that would resemble a comet if it were traveling like 600 KPS or something. But I guess it would have to ...

My Left Boob! Part Deux

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I put off taking my shower yesterday for as long as I could; I'm pretty sure I put it off so long in hopes I would miss my appointment. My first lesson in this whole thing is when people ask you, "How are you today?" they don't really want the truth. And I'm not trashing anyone. Seriously. ...

Get ’em Checked

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Delurking Day 2011

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I'm pretty sure I participated in this last year but I don't remember. If I wasn't so lazy I suppose I could go search through my archives. Rude Cactus started this. Sarah reminded me. And it's just fun. It's not begging for comments from new people. It's saying, "Hey! What's up awesome person who reads daily and ...

My Left Boob

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Last night I was thinking about babies and breastfeeding and relactation. Don't ask me why; it was just some random tangent my brain took off on. I've always heard once you've lactated, you always will to some extent and I decided to test out that theory. Because I'm weird. And I got some colostrum looking stuff and on ...

Brain Power Directly Proportional To Coffee Consumption

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Earlier this morning I mentioned that brain power is directly proportional to coffee consumption. To further illustrate this, I have created a very scientific graph so you can more easily understand this concept. You're welcome.

Mother Nature Punked Me: It Snowed A Lot

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When I wrote about the Snowpocalypse of 2011, I didn't actually expect it to snow. Then the Weather Channel issued a Winter Weather Warning Friday night. Still wasn't expecting anything. We're not completely stupid though since we didn't take any chances and stocked up on bread and milk and stuff. Saturday came and went. Sunday came and we ...