Where I DON’T Talk About My Left Boob

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Oops. Already screwed that up, didn’t I?


I don’t have much to say except it’s still snowy but it only looks pretty from the window because the snow has actually turned into this slush/mud/ice conglomeration that would resemble a comet if it were traveling like 600 KPS or something. But I guess it would have to be a bit bigger and then there’s that whole escape velocity thing and establishing an orbit and where the hell am I going with this?!

Snow. Right. Ugly snow.

The snow confuses Sophie. Instead of going out in the woods for her morning constitutional she gets as far as the parking lot and can never understand why I yank on the leash and curse at her.

More annoying that THAT is her new found belief she is not only a bird dog but that she also has the ability to hear things below the snow.

Out we go and once she’s peed in the snow on the parking lot, her floppy ears perk up and her tail goes straight and she is a bird KILLING MACHINE. And what I mean by that is she lurches at them and the birds fly off and I’m pretty sure they are bird laughing at her.

Then there’s where the snow is still covering the ground and she’ll creep along with her head cocked to the side like those arctic fox and the mice and all that.

Kind of like this except not really since all Sophie does is drool a bit and then wander off to pee again:

Since the snow may be melting and becoming cometish but it’s still cold as hell–if we were in the 9th circle and it’s really not THAT bad–and it’s chili weather, we’re taking our Target giftcard and getting chili fixins. But I’m making it with chunk beef instead of ground beef.

It will rock.