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POS New Site

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I've launched a new site! Rate My POS is a user generated content site about those special vehicles with the endearing label of piece of sh*t. When something's that ugly you can't help but love it. Kinda of like a Cabbage Patch Kid. Or maybe LED Christmas sweaters. If you have a POS or know someone who does, submit ...

The Cinch! and 5-Day, 5-Food Fast Forward Review

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When I first signed up for this project, I was a little excited about it. I was going to not only be reviewing the book, but also following the diet for thirty days and giving away a copy of the book. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. The hook of the Cinch! diet is, "Stop counting and ...

I Had a Dragon When I Was Little

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With two kids, it's a rare occasion when one child gets the lion's share of attention. Positive attention, that is. But every now and then the stars--and mud cookies--align perfectly. Over a plate of cookies and tall glasses of milk: Tucker: You know, I had a dragon when I was little. Cara: Really? What kind of dragon? Tucker: Nothing in ...

Snowpocalypse of 2011

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We're under a "Special Weather Statement" at the moment. Between Sunday night and Monday, we're supposed to to get somewhere between two and four inches of snow. You guys up North are laughing right now but in Alabama? Folks get crazy when there's mention of even a dusting of snow. Right now, most people are still at work ...

Cupcakes Solve Everything

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I woke up with a headache which has slowly and/or surely grown in magnitude and a sick stomach that hasn't been helped by heaps and heaps of yummy, yummy emotional stress. It's dark and cloudy and rainy out with a hint of snow in the air and with how I was feeling and the way the ...

Advanced Cat Yodeling

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Via Heather--who made my day with this video.

Best Someecards Birthday Cards

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If you're looking for a sometimes inappropriate way to show you care, Someecards will do the trick. But I suggest you don't go there since you'll end up looking through pages and pages of cards and end up putting them all on your website because you couldn't chose just one. Not that I'd do that or anything.

Goodbye 28, Hello 29

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I'm not sure when I stopped liking my birthday. It forces me to admit I'm getting older and eventually I'll be that little old lady no one listens to and people patronize because they think she's crazy. And who knows? Maybe by then I really will be crazy. And that means I'll have lost all of ...

Happy New Year’s and Britain’s Awesome Fireworks Video

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Last night it rained and rained and rained some more and I can't say I was sad about being dry in our apartment. The kids were in bed around their regular time, Tucker was in bed watching YouTube and I was reading the tail end of Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. In other words, it was just a regular night ...