A Funk. A Missed Blogiversary. A Collection of Inspiration.

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I think I need a writing schedule.

Paul Hudson

Lots of stuff happened this past week with Tucker’s job and maybe a new job and Mom was here this weekend and we had a HUGE storm last night and now it’s 30 degrees colder than it was yesterday but know what? That’s about all I want to say about all that.

I’m just tired. As I’m typing this, my fingers want to go put on their furry robes and puffy slippers and crawl back under their finger blankets. And I’ve been getting plenty of sleep so I’m either pregnant or in a funk.

Tucker’s fixed. If I’m knocked up, I’m going to be in all kinds of trouble.

Cara keeps mentioning she feels like she’s in a TV. What the hell does THAT mean? And then last night she told us that she hopes when we buy a house that she’ll feel like a real person. Really? What do we do with that?

Weird, right?


As I’m typing this, the kids are fighting in Cara’s bed. When Mom was here, they all slept in Cara’s bed and made a people pile. They’re finding it difficult to get out of that habit. Hence the child pile and subsequent throwing of punches and growls. One of these days they will come to realize they love each other.

All I want to do right now is prop up my damn foot–whilst willing it to heal faster–and play Sims 3. It’s hard to write anything interesting about a game when you never play it.

Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a life blogger anymore. Maybe that’s where this funk comes from. Surely a blog has an expiration date? But then I think about shutting this down and I just realized I’ve been writing on this for FOUR years. FOUR. And again: FOUR. I’m pretty sure I was supposed to write a big anniversary post or something.


If there’s anything that cheers me up today, it’s my footer.

I don’t know how long it’ll last in its current state; the redesign bug is rearing it’s head.

And that’s about all I have to say today. Maybe there will be some design changes. Maybe there won’t. Maybe I’ll get on Twitter and/or Skype today. Maybe I won’t. Maybe someone will read this. Maybe they won’t. But when I started this FOUR–heh–years ago, no one read it and I wrote a ton of stuff–multiple posts a day–because I wanted to talk about them and Cara was an infant and she didn’t give a damn.

I leave you with a couple of videos…um…a bunch of videos. Truth be told, once I started looking, I found a butt ton of Ted Talks I want to watch so I put them here. If you haven’t read Ghost Map, you should; I highly suggest it.