Kidnapped By the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg Bread

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The Easter Bunny grabbed me up and spirited me away to his burrow in Candy Land and he kept calling me Alice which freaked me out a bit but anyway, THAT’S where I’ve been.

And now I have very odd mental images floating around in my head. Wonderful.

And by “wonderful,” clearing I mean “damn.”

Actually, Tucker took Friday off and I can’t get anything done when he’s hanging around; he expects me to pay attention to him or something.

I made Easter Egg Bread for the first time day before yesterday; I decided to make it the day before Easter in case I sucked at it. Good thing I planned on making two braids since the first was gone before Saturday night.

I left my notebook in the kitchen and find I’m much too lazy to go retrieve it so you’ll have to wait for the recipe until tomorrow but I promise it’s not a difficult one and the hardest part is getting the eggs to snuggle into the braid.

They’re raw eggs, by the way. They cook with the bread. I thought that was pretty cool.

I made the bread, roasted a chicken and made Thyme and Bacon Potatoes and tossed together a giblet gravy at the end. Just thinking about last night’s dinner makes me sick to my stomach.

Not because it was horrible but because I ate too much and my stomach is protecting itself from further abuse.