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What To Wear To E3 That Isn’t Cosplay Related

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Bit of advice: when trying to figure out what to wear to one of the biggest geekfests in the world, don't just use Google images as your resource. One word: Cosplay. I do this every time I have a socially intimidating function to attend. It's kind of like the first day of school but times about a ...

PSN STILL Down But We Have New Playstation Home Screens. Yay?

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The Playstation Network is still down and the most recent status update happened on the 10th. DON'T THESE PEOPLE KNOW I NEED TO DOWNLOAD DEMOS SO I CAN BE CHEAP AND NOT BUY NEW GAMES?! Times are getting desperate around here and new game blood is needed or someone might get hurt. Anyway. Never one to be held down ...

Ultimate Dog Tease

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A couple of months ago--I think but I couldn't find the link so just trust me on this?--I posted a video of this cat talking and asking for treats and I'm slightly ashamed of myself for enjoying the video as much as I did. I'm pretty sure I'm very much ashamed that I'm posting yet another ...

Step By Step Easy Sun Dried Tomatoes Recipe

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The first time I saw a jar of oil covered sun dried tomatoes, I knew something was very, very wrong. Those weren't tomatoes! Those things looked like a tomato and a raisin had produced some sort of unnatural baby. And then I tried one. I quickly converted to the side of tomato raisin babies. Unfortunately, sun dried ...

A Foul Fowl: Roasted Chicken with Lemon Fingerling Potatoes

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Yesterday was one of those days that starts out great and goes downhill from there. Cara started gymnastics last week--refer to the video below. Since she missed her first class because of the tornadoes, she had a make-up day yesterday. Cara was super excited and was all jumping around and stuff. Quite honestly, 1300 couldn't come fast enough. We ...

Mother’s Day Card

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someecards.com - Mother

I kid. Probably.

More On EA’s Sometimes Bumbling Marketing

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Remember yesterday when I went on a very mini-rant about EA's PR folks and how they have a habit of bungling the PR of some games and then those games don't sell like they should and maybe they get bad publicity and sometimes there IS such a thing as bad publicity...especially when it involves sensationalized ...

Zero Punctuation Portal 2 Review

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One of the games everyone seems to be talking about right now is Portal 2. If you bought The Orange Box back in '07 then I'm sure you remember the first Portal. The game was innovative in that there hadn't really been anything like it before and it was short so of course it was going ...

Shadows of the Damned Developer Video and Seven New Images

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The announcement trailer I posted a couple of months back should have given me a freakin' huge hint that Shadows of the Damned /Damned isn't going to be a pretty skip through a pretty, pretty rainbow field. Now that I think about it, I suppose my first hint should have been the title, huh? Moving on. The seven new screens ...

Talking With Your Kids About Natural Disasters

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Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis. It feels like we’ve had more than our share of natural disasters recently, doesn't it? Whether the disaster occurs in your hometown or in a country on the other side of the globe, parents ask the same question: how do I talk to my young kids about these devastating events? One of our ...

Videos of Us Driving Back From Arkansas

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We evacuated to Arkansas to my mom's house so we'd have power. When we got there, Arkansas was flooded. Not Mom's house but about half the town Tucker's from is/was flooded. At least we know the weather wasn't our fault since the floods happened before we got there. This is us going over the Mississippi ...