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This is Mostly About Episode One of Season Four of True Blood

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True Blood Worship Him, Bitches!

Wanna know what sucks about having a friend who blogs? Actually, there's a bunch of stuff but the one that sticks out today is the seemingly innocent question, "So you plan on writing stuff today?" To the uninitiated, this sounds like a friend who wants you to work on your craft and expand your writing ...

Homemade Playdough Recipe

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Homemade playdough recipe

Playdough at our house is a double edged sword. On one hand, it keeps the kids entertained for hours but, on the other hand, they almost always refuse to put the playdough away so I end up throwing it away. I hate throwing playdough away; the real stuff is expensive and the kids don't seem ...

We’re Not Sure What To Do and the Kids are Driving Us Crazy!

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pulling out hair

The screaming and fit throwing started at 0600 with Ollie losing his shit because I dared to cut his peanut butter and jelly toast into four pieces instead of leaving it "big." Then his sister stumbled into the living room and she lost it for some other reason. Tucker intervened and turned a bit scary. He ...

Ollie’s Mohawk

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Today was one of those days when few things sounded better than taking a shower and putting on makeup. If you've spent any amount of time with me then you'll know that it is the rare occasion that I'm inspired to shower and makeup myself. I'm not saying I want to be dirty and under eye ...

Lots of Pretty Skyrim Pictures

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I'm a naughty, naughty girl. I've had all of these Skyrim screens since E3 and, since I haven't remembered to talk about Skyrim, I haven't posted the screens. Now I will since I found them whilst digging through Flickr. Sorry it's taken me so long. Hopefully next week I'll get a chance to tell you ...

Father’s Day Comedic Gold: Hooker or a Maid?

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The Inglorious Bastards Quel maledetto treno blindato animated gif

I have a habit of rambling on Twitter when I should be working or something; Twitter is a procrastinator's dream [I'll get to this in a second.] The kids have been on me for the past week or so to get Tucker a Father's Day card and he's told me he doesn't want one. What he ...

Here, Home, Hope: From I Hate It To A Solid Read

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Here, Home, Hope Cover

I have decided I'm much too hard on other people's books. Then again, I'm equally as hard on stuff I've written so maybe I'm an equal opportunity book grinch? At least I'm fair. When I first started on Here, Home, Hope I didn't like it, not one little bit. I didn't identify with the main character, Kelly, ...

Video of Me At E3

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Banksy urban art video camera flower

I figured I'd post this since you probably haven't seen it and my mom said, "Great video, hon. [...] AND you look great!" Direct quote, kinda. Since it's Friday, what you should do is get some shots lined up--chose your poison--and each time I say "and" you'll take a shot. You'll take two shots each time ...

Elephants and Non-Refrigerated Carrots Conversations

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This is a post for Mom and Tucker's folks. Feel free to read it but you don't have to. I won't get mad if you don't read it. I won't get my feelings hurt or anything. Really. I won't. Me: "Hey, Cara! Come in here and smell Ollie and me! I'm pretty sure he stinks more ...

Very Best Part of E3? Coming Home.

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Family Picnic 1959

There's something mentally comforting about being so busy you can't think of anything other than work. In fact, I didn't completely--that means with tears and stuff--miss the kids until I was sitting in the Denver airport. I had built a fort out of my rolling carryon and all the mess from my E3 bag. Since ...

Arkham City Impressions and Images

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Batman Arkham City logo

While Batman is my all time favorite superhero--this post is proof--I haven't played Batman: Arkham Asylum. I know, I know. Please don't stone me! I'm fully aware of the rave reviews that game received from just about everyone in the gaming industry. And the game looked cool but I was playing something else at the time--probably Call of Duty: Modern ...

E3 Recap: I’m Tired

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The past two days have been rough days; I spent the vast majority of the past two days in various airports across the country. I've been in four different time zones. I'm tired. I went from LAX to Denver to DC and then to Huntsville. The most I slept was on the final leg home ...