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Hands On with Nintendo’s Wii U

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I'm pretty sure the last time I owned a Nintendo product was when I owned my NES way back in the day. I had two games for it: Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. I moved onto Sega and then Playstation and have stayed that course. It's not that I don't like Nintendo it's just I ...

Cara and Ollie Try Out the Cube Dog App

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Thank you to Cube Dog for sponsoring this review. For more information about Cube Dog please visit the Facebook page or download it on iTunes. Tucker and I love to play video games--if you haven't noticed--and we've passed the point where we can play whatever we want around Cara and Ollie. Either the game is too ...

Recap From the First Day of E3 2011

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Amy Tucker E3 2011 Badge

I would love to be able to post about all the games I checked out today but it's late...my laptop says it's almost 2:30 but my phone says it's almost 1am. Whatever the case, it's late. And I'm tired. And my feet hurt. However, I could leave E3 today and be happy camper Did I see ...

On a Jet Plane…In About an Hour

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I'm pretty sure the last time I flew was back in '07. The time I ended up stuck in Atlanta for 22 hours and change. In fact, now that I think about it, that was family reunion....which I missed because I was in Atlanta. That whole deal turned me off of flying. But since L.A. ...

Los Angeles and E3, Here I Come!

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I'm sitting at my mom's in Arkansas right now getting ready for Family Reunion; I packed this morning. On Monday, I'll be sitting on a plane headed to Los Angeles; I bet I pack that morning. Remember me talking about that contest Kmart was running? That one that where they're taking three bloggers to Los ...