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Long Live Play: Sony’s New Playstation Campaign Video

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A time not so long ago, since it was only a couple of years ago, and in a land not too far away, since I think I might have written it from the other couch, I wrote about how I missed gaming. I still do to some extent but there have been a few games ...

I Told You Adele Doesn’t Suck

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Dusty microphone

Remember a while back when I got lazy and had writer's block and stuff so I embedded a bunch of videos and I named the post something stupid--Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Video Day!--so you probably didn't see it anyway but I put up some videos and three of them had to do with Adele and ...

Sparkly Crotch and a Dance Fight

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Glass of water

It's not a good idea to drink two big cans of NOS about an hour before you plan on going to sleep. Trust me. Alot. [That's a link to a tweet I posted which led to a rather lengthy Twitter discussion revolving around people's mutual hatred of "a lot" spelled "alot." It's kind of like an inside ...

I Have a New Post Up At Kmart Gamer About Hidden Springs for The Sims 3

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Hidden Springs Fishing

If you're a lover of The Sims 3, might I suggest you peruse my most recent post at Kmart Gamer? "Would people be willing to pay such a premium for a world when they have a new one coming with Pets? As someone who still sticks with Sunset Valley, I wasn't sure if I would be willing ...

Kind of Like a Trip To the Gynecologist

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Gynecologist equipment

I have to clean today. I'm putting that off by writing this even though the last thing I want to do is write. I'd much rather be sleeping. I was up way too late last night working on a Sims post for Kmart Gamer about the new world that came out. [You can see pretty pictures on ...

Sophie: A Bath

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Sophie the Pitbull before her bath

Just about this time eight years ago, Tucker and I were living in the ghetto--or about as ghetto as Jonesboro, AR can get--and were enjoying the oblivion of working mindless jobs and chilling at the pool with various alcoholic drinks and friends. Sophie was about four months old and would run around the pool and bark ...

Great Planned Post and a Parenting Video

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Starbucks coffee and milk splash

Ever start writing a post and you have this great idea and you're ready. To. Write. It. and then you actually start and you realize you don't want to write about that great idea after all and you flounder about trying to come up with something to post since you already kind of started and ...

A Four Year Old’s First Love

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Love saves the day.

How do you explain to a four year old that she can't love someone after just one meeting? Correct answer? You don't explain it. You just nod and smile when she professes her undying love to the only boy in her gymnastics class. I told her after her first gymnastics class of this term--when she ...

Homemade Greek-Style Crockpot Yogurt

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Milk Pail

I made some amazing Greek-style yogurt. You should too. Here's how. Stuff you need: Milk - I used a half gallon of 2%. 1 cup plain store bought yogurt with live and active cultures [most yogurt is going to fit the bill]. A slow cooker aka a Crockpot. A beach towel. A thermometer. Cheese cloth/paper towel/coffee filters/muslin bag/clean underwear? Colander. Big bowl to put under the ...

Kmart Gamer Post: Kid Friendly Games You Might Not Hate Playing

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The 2d Adventures of Rotating Octopuis Character

When you cross that line from gamer to gaming parent there are certain issues with which you have to deal. The big one? Keeping your toddler from seeing you pop a dude's head like an overripe watermelon. By my estimation--and experience--you have about a year before you have to reconsider your choice of games so ...

Muse vs Plotting: Who Wins in a Cage Fight?

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Cage fight

If you've picked up a book on writing then you've probably read about the horrors of plotting or how plotting is the one thing that shall save all writers till kingdom come. There are two schools of thought and they are so diametrically opposed it doesn't seem you can be a fan of one without ...

The Dog Car Window Dance

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If I know I'm not going to have to get out of the car then I'll take Sophie. She doesn't get out of the apartment and she goes zero to slug brained as soon as she hears the keys so there's no denying she loves going, "bye-bye." The issue starts as soon as I put the SUV ...