The Dog Car Window Dance

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If I know I’m not going to have to get out of the car then I’ll take Sophie.

She doesn’t get out of the apartment and she goes zero to slug brained as soon as she hears the keys so there’s no denying she loves going, “bye-bye.”

The issue starts as soon as I put the SUV in drive.

Sophie puts her nose up to the top of the closed window and kind of squishes it into the crack until I roll the window down just enough so she can stuff her fat head outside.

After a minute or two she’ll sit down like a good girl and she looks so completely uninterested in the window that I roll it up. And then she looks from the window to me and back again and jams her nose into the crack at the top of the window.

Back and forth. Back and forth.

I can not be the only person with a dog that does this.


Just say I’m not the only person with a dog that does this. In fact, just go ahead and say your dog does this too because right behind the fact that Sophie has developed the “old dog” smell, this window dancing crap is number two on my list of “Things Sophie the Pitbull does to annoy me.” and I’m starting to reconsider our relationship.