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Music I’m Writing To Today

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Vintage Record Player

When I write I listen to Pandora on my laptop; I listen to it so much that I had to buy a year subscription to it because I kept going over the allowed hours per week. The reason for all that music listening is it's the only way I can halfway stay focused on what I'm ...

3 Unique Summer Gin Cocktails

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aqua pearl gin cocktail

Summer might be on its way out but there's still plenty of time for summer parties and spending time with friends. Gin may not be for everyone but it's a personal favorite of mine and an underutilized spirit at casual get-togethers. Your friends are sure to be impressed by these three pretty cocktails and you don't ...

Last Night’s Storm

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I got three or four texts from the Weather Channel last night before I believed we were actually going to get some rain. This huge gust of wind came down the breezeway and it sounded like it was coming to get me. I decided that was a good time to go in. By the time I ...

Call of Duty Baby Mashup

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Call of Duty Baby Mashup

I'm overly proud of this picture I just mashed up for my Kmart Gamer post--which I haven't finished yet because I've been procrastinating by making this image--and wanted you to see it. Because I like it when you scratch your head and wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Does it make more sense if ...

50 Things Every Creative Person Should Know

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This series started out under the moniker: The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know. It was meant as a condensed, tweetable set of  "If only someone had only told me." wisdoms every graphic design student should know before they left college. The title of the projects has been renamed--#The50 Things Every Creative Should Know--and Jamie Wieck has ...

What’s Your Geek Sign?

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I saw this about five times yesterday and figured maybe you hadn't seen it yet so, since I have a very giving soul, I'm sharing this with you. Because, really? How have you survived without knowing your geek sign? Tucker's a Time Traveler which I find pretty funny since his super power would be time manipulation. I'm a ...

Grounded From TV

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My kids are grounded from television. [That's not something I was expecting to say or write for at least a couple more years.] I don't even remember what spurred the "grounding" but it boils down to the fact their rooms resemble a disaster zone and I'm tired of picking up their crap. So what if they're only ...

Questions From This Weekend and an Announcement

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Question Mark

Why does my son never wear pants? Why does my daughter all the sudden want to wear diapers over her clothes? Why did my peanut butter cocoa cookies end up tasting more like peanut butter cocoa cake things? Why doesn't my daughter like hamburgers? Why does my dog stink so much? Have my kids' toys been reproducing while we weren't ...