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Devil’s Food and Marshmallow Cupcakes for Breakfast

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Cupcakes for breakfast

I've been telling the kids I would make them cupcakes and something always seemed to happen that took precedence over said cupcakes. Eventually I started to feel like a shitty mom for promising and promising and never delivering and I finally put my cupcakes where my mouth is...or something. The original plan was to make peanut ...

I Wrote This At Kmart Gamer: Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure: An Abomination or a Sure Thing?

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I wrote this, too! And TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY! I know. I'm shocked as well. And even though I'm posting about posts I've already posted on another site, I'm still counting them. AND I'm planning on writing a real post after this. Don't set the post bar very high though, folks. This might be a ...

I Wrote This At Kmart Gamer: Give Me My Perks, Fallout: New Vegas!

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Look right.

I wrote this last week...I think. I don't really remember. If you play vidgiegames then you might find this interesting, if you don't play vidgiegames then you probably shouldn't read this and you most definitely shouldn't click over to Kmart Gamer; you'll just be bored and/or confused. You can read this stuff instead! Book/Writing Related Food/Drink Related Geek/Video Games Related Life ...

Ten Words You Need To Stop Misspelling From The Oatmeal

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Effect vs Affect

After writing this post and making the mistake of watching Cash's version of Hurt about ten times and then developing the subsequent headache-after-sobbing thing, I needed something to raise my spirits. When in doubt, head to The Oatmeal and click the "random comic" link. You're guaranteed at least a chuckle by the second comic. And Motrin ...

Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay’s The Scientist and It Doesn’t Suck

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Willie Nelson in concert.

First thing this morning, Heather asked me if I had heard the Willie Nelson cover of Coldplay's The Scientist. This was before I had a chance to get down my first cup of coffee and, though I had some reservations, I gave it a listen. When I started looking for the video of the cover, I ...

The Night I Thought Tucker was Dead

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Tucker is a courteous guy. He calls when he's going to be late; I can always count on him to be home by at least 1700. He makes an effort to keep to a loose schedule and is somewhat predictable in his routine. A couple of weeks ago, Tucker didn't call and as the minutes ...

Mean Kids: How To Keep Your Kid From Being One

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Since Cara hasn't ever been in daycare and isn't in preschool, I've managed to stave off the onslaught of other kids directly influencing Cara's behavior. Correction...no other kids influencing Cara's behavior other than her brother but he doesn't really count. Now that Cara's in gymnastics and has decided she's in love, I'm finally getting a ...

Happy Birthday, Oliver! I Poisoned Your Father.

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Tucker and me at the creek.

Saturday was Ollie's Happy Birthday Party Day since today is his actual birthday and Monday is a hard day on which to through a party. I didn't take any pictures but I'm sure there must be some floating around somewhere. Ollie is three as of today. Happy birthday, Ollie! Feels weird that it's been three years ...

Productivity Is for the Birds

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someecards.com - The only thing I plan to accomplish at work today is to turn a gallon of coffee into gallon of piss.

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. I haven't felt like doing anything for the past couple of days other than sitting on my butt and while I normally spend a good part of the day sitting on my ass, usually I spend said time being somewhat productive. Productivity and I weren't really talking this ...

Suicide: The One Who is Fighting the Battle with Himself.

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Edge of a cliff

What blows the absolute and utmost about suicide is that, when someone really wants to take their own life, it can't be prevented save for someone finding said person in the act or directly following and then maybe not even. The most help you can give is to be a friend. If you fear for a friend ...

Yucky and Dumb: Alyssa Bereznak, Jon Finkel and Lots of Links

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Magic: The Gathering

At some point yesterday I happened upon the much discussed topic of a Gizmodo intern's not-so-nice piece she wrote about the online dating site OKCupid and Jon Finkle. Huh? [Mom, I now read everything I write like you're reading it and you'll just have to follow the links.] I worried over the whole line of links through the ...