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The Holidays are Bipolar

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Thanksgiving Day Turkey

Over the past holiday weekend, I've decided that the holidays need mental help. They are, in fact, bipolar and should, most likely, be medicated. I've also decided this bipolarishness comes from highly set expectations that might be attainable if not for unfamiliar ovens and dry dressing and the black hole that is moving. And I ...

Rolling In the Deep: The Song That Just Won’t Die Covers

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You know you love this song. You also don't want to admit it but, come on, you KNOW you sing it when it comes on. Especially in the shower. It's OK. I do it, too. I've written about this damn song before and I'll do it again. Because I WANT TO, people. Deal. Cause you want ...

Yesterday At Gymnastics or When Ollie Melts Down and Moms Are Cool As Hell

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Amy Tucker Google Plus update

You know how there are some days you wish you could do over since you know you'd do them differently and better? Yeah. Yesterday wasn't one of those. Yesterday was one of those you hope you never have to do again. Ever. Mondays are gymnastic days for Cara and we got up and out in ...

You Mean Neighbors Actually Expect You To Talk To Them?!

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Sophie finally got her backyard.

Deep down I knew that moving to an actual neighborhood would mean that I couldn't hide like I could in our apartment. In an apartment, people generally don't talk to the other tenants; it's just not expected and kind of discouraged what with the downcast eyes and all that. We moved our beds over here ...

I Wrote This At Kmart Gamer: Shout It From the Rooftops Review: You Must Buy Skyrim

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Look right.

This Kmart Gamer post might interest you if you like to play video games. If you DON'T like to play video games...actually, if you don't like to READ about video games then you're not going to want to keep reading and I'm pretty surprised you've gotten THIS far so, bravo! Not that I'm implying you can't ...

That Time I Cheated On Pandora Or Why I Dumped Spotify for Pandora

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The Cheat

I got a Beta invite to Spotify a while back and there was all of this hype around it and I felt damn important to have an invite even though I'm sure there were a ton of other people who got an invite just like mine but I'M SPECIAL I'M IN THA BETA! Or something. ...

Word of the Day: Qat

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Scrabble Letter Q

qat (kæt, kɑːt) n a variant spelling of khat Heather said she wanted a "Q" word without a "U" so here's one: Qat. ACTUALLY, Heather demanded a list of "Q" words that don't require a "U" to which I reply, "Suck. It." Cause I'm classy like that. So what the hell is Qat/Khat? Khat consumption induces mild ...

Daylight Savings Time, a Good Riddance To You, I Say.

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Not impressed

I put this up on Google Plus yesterday right after I removed my eyelids from the greedy hands of the man child. I had planned on leaving the sentence above all by itself and jumping right into the diatribe below but I figured I should explain that just about every morning my alarm clock is ...

Mayday! Mayday! Someone Save Us From Our Children!

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SOMEONE SAVE US!!! The kids will not stop interrupting us and it is about to drive Tucker and me absolutely crazy. Like running around the apartment and pulling our hair out by the roots crazy. HALP! It took Tucker at least 30 minutes to tell me a ten minute story because Cara and Ollie wouldn't stop butting ...

The Fastest, Bestest Rolls Ever!

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Best rolls evah!

I suck at making rolls. Horrible roll maker. I'll make bread for you any day--and it will be AMAZING--but please, oh please, don't ask me to make rolls. They just take so long...and I'm not so great at the waiting thing. I made these Thursday night and then again on Friday and I'll probably make them again tonight. Really. ...

What Do You Do When Your Liar Father Might Be Lying To Your Kid?

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I've quit ignoring Dad's calls. Now I just sit there and let him ramble if he wants. He mentions coming and seeing us but, considering he said that the whole four years we were stationed in Florida, I doubt that's going to happen. Then again, he could totally surprise me. He hasn't been himself the ...

Happy Fifth Birthday, Cara!

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Cara Birthday 2011

Today, five years ago, Caroline Elizabeth was forcefully removed from my uterus. Almost two weeks late and that kid still didn't want to come out. That should have tipped me off about what I was in for... We had Cara's party this weekend and she got lots of awesome stuff. Even though we made it clear ...