Daylight Savings Time, a Good Riddance To You, I Say.

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I put this up on Google Plus yesterday right after I removed my eyelids from the greedy hands of the man child.

I had planned on leaving the sentence above all by itself and jumping right into the diatribe below but I figured I should explain that just about every morning my alarm clock is the kids and yesterday morning Ollie tried to wake me up by ripping off my eyelids.

I’m certain he has a long and successful career in some covert government agency in his future.

And now, after having FULLY experienced the end of Daylight Savings Time, I can full-heartedly direct this at Daylight Savings Time and that whole “spring forward” crap that has left me wondering why in the hell it’s black as pitch at half till six in the evening.

Daylight Savings Time, a good riddance to you, I say.

Not impressed