That Time I Cheated On Pandora Or Why I Dumped Spotify for Pandora

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The Cheat


I got a Beta invite to Spotify a while back and there was all of this hype around it and I felt damn important to have an invite even though I’m sure there were a ton of other people who got an invite just like mine but I’M SPECIAL I’M IN THA BETA!

Or something.

The thing is/was, I had purchased an annual membership to Pandora.

I was cheating worse than a high school quarterback with nymphomania.

If you don’t know, Spotify

“gives you on-demand access (with no buffering) to a library of millions of songs. What’s more, you can import the MP3s you already own with just one click, to create a mighty music player. And with Spotify, there’s no need to skip tracks you don’t like. Why? Because you choose the music in the first place.”[1]

The idea that I had ALL THAT MUSIC right at my chewed pretty fingertips got me all hot and bothered and very much excited to discover what I might be able to…discover. I love music like a dog loves a fire hydrant–that worked in my head–and being able to get everything without me having to venture out of our apartment was pretty tempting.

I tried to love Spotify.

I whispered sweet nothings in its digital ear and I bought it flowers and stuff but I just couldn’t do it. I know there are a lot of people out there who love Spotify but I’m just not one of them and here’s why: lack of spontaneous discovery.

With Spotify, if you want to “discover” new music, you add a friend’s playlist. And that’s a cool social aspect of Spotify that Pandora’s missing but it’s not something I NEED.

With Pandora, I can create a station based on a band or song I liked and see what comes of it.

I give it a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” depending on how I feel about the song and Pandora tweaks the songs it serves me next based on my previous choices. While the six skips an hour per station–even with a paid membership–annoys the hell out of me, I have found all kinds of bands I had never heard of before Pandora. Some of those bands even have their own stations on my Pandora.

If you know the music you love and you want to hear what your friends are listening to then Spotify is the doorknob on which you should hang your sock. But if you’re like me and want to find stuff you’ve never even considered then you should cuddle up to Pandora.

Sorry, Pandora. Hope you still love me.

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