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Ollie the Firebug or How My Son Tried To Kill Us All

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Fire exit

We've known Ollie is a "firebug" since we went camping last year. Ollie seemed to be drawn to the dancing flames and loved the fact that whatever he threw on the fire would be gone in a few seconds. Sure the fire was hot but he never got burned so it was all fun and ...

Dia de los Muertos [Day of the Dead] Cocktail Recipes

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The Procession

Last month I was contacted by the most awesome Laura for Espolón tequila. Laura sent along some cocktail recipes and she also ended up sending a humongous goodie box complete with Espolón's Blanco and Reposado varieties and a lucha libre mask. I couldn't help but try on the mask. Tucker joked he was going to wear the mask ...

New House. New Stroller. New Dollhouse.

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Cara and doll house.

So what did you do yesterday? I bought a house. Thanks for asking. Heh. And how about another question you can't answer cause you're not here to answer me? OK. Two questions since that was a question. If you have a thousand dollars cash, why in the world would you need a "certified check?" Isn't the point of ...