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The Politics of Small Children

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Dancing girls

Tucker and I believe in an informed electorate and he and I listen to NPR and talk radio. Usually the kids are in the car when we're listening.   Cara: "I love President Obama. He's the best president ever and he would never lie." Oliver: "I love Obama and Romney. They can both lie. I don't mind." Cara: "The ...

Sometimes Sticking To Your Guns Sucks

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red balloon

We had a late lunch with some of our Navy friends [Hi, Alex and Hollyn!] and their kids at a local Mexican restaurant that boasts balloons on sticks. Every time the kids get these balloons, Tucker and I end up wanting to pull our hair out since someone always gets bonked in the head--multiple times--and the kids end ...

Fekkai’s Essential Shea Ultra Rich Mask To Repair Hair Abuse

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[.] My hair hates Alabama. We have hard water and my hair has pretty much given up looking shiny like it did when we lived in Arkansas. Every now and then I'll get lucky and my hair won't look like a Brillo pad but that doesn't happen very often. I cut the build up by using dish ...

I’m Depressed Maybe Possibly Or Not

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OK. Fine. I'm depressed. [I got distracted after I wrote that and wandered around the internet before remembering I was supposed to be writing something over here. Oops.] Remember when I wrote that one thing about going off my meds? Well, I did and things were pretty much the way they had been and so whatever, right? ...

Crappy Coffee and Shooting

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From my Facebook page this morning: After the millionth surgery on the Keurig, it's dead to me. Tried to make coffee on the stove in a pan. Fail. Don't be taken in by the yummy looking coffee; this tastes like dirty water. NaNoWriMo and I have broken up. I'm bummed I'm not going to complete the challenge but there ...

Happy Last Day of Being Five, Cara!

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Sunset 11.2.12

Today is the last day of Cara being five. This is the bag Mom bought Cara for her birthday tomorrow. Cara has decided she's going to use the bag as her backpack. Tomorrow is her party; we're having it at the local hands-on science center. We're paying for it but the package includes the cake and ...

NaNoWriMo Day One Halloween and the Halloween Wreath

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Today was the first day of NaNoWrimo and I'm pretty sure I done good. I met my writing goal for the day--2k words--and identified a bunch of holes I missed. Like three important characters that didn't have names and two organizations that also didn't have names. I fixed the people naming issue but the organizations are ...

NaNoWriMo 2012: Let’s Write and Be Awesome

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NaNoWriMo 2012: Let's Write and Be Awesome

I've been sitting on almost 30,000 words of a book for the past year. I know I need to go back in and add some stuff to the beginning and I'm lazy and then have a tendency to edit because I feel I need to reread what I have written so I'm familiar with the ...

A Parenting Levity Video for Your Saturday

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So after yesterday's "thing" at the gas station on base where the manager blocked us in the bathroom cause she thought I was beating Ollie and everything breaking in our house the past few days, me getting soaked by the toilet when I broke it and let's not forget the spider post, I figured what ...

Obviously She Thought I Was Beating Our Son

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public bathroom

I make a concerted effort to ensure I warn our kids about changes to a normal routine. If we're going to have to change the way something goes, I'm going to warn these two about the change so many times they end up rolling their eyes because I've warned them so many times. We were going to Target after ...

I Killed My Fifth Black Widow Spider Yesterday

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Before we moved to Alabama, I had only seen one Black Widow. It was a quick association since she quickly became VERY WELL acquainted with my shoe. In Arkansas, you worry about Brown Recluses. Those fun, fun spiders that slip into your shoes and between your sheets and wait to bite you so they can laugh while your ...

When Just About Everything In Our House Fell Apart

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Cara and Ollie toilet shopping

This has been a very destructive and expensive bit of time. The navigator in my SUV goes all wonky sometimes and decides to run off of battery power instead of its adapter. When it does that, it goes big time dead. The kind of dead where you have to take it out of the SUV and ...