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On Sunday, I…

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Cold fermented pizza dough breaks silicone spatula.

just chilled. By "chilled" I mean I let my dough chill. Now you're officially confused. That's what I do. Not necessarily the bringer of awesome but definitely the bringer of confusion. I've been saying for quite a while now that I was going to make "chicken pizza" and the kids love both chicken and pizza and, ...

The Kids’ Gardens Win the Garden Sprouting Contest

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Cooling racks below the seed starting pots.

One of the things I was most excited about when I planned on starting a garden was getting the kids involved. Caroline and Oliver will eat vegetables but both kids would much rather the vegetables be covered in cheese and, while cheese IS quite yummy, the cheese tends to cancel out the healthful benefits of ...

Raw Food Recipe: Avocado and Rainbow Swiss Chard Salad

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Swiss Chard

I was talking with Heather earlier and she mentioned she had #HomeChat coming up tonight on Twitter and I inquired as to what these homechatters would be discussing. Raw foods. Hold on, here. Raw? People aren't supposed to eat raw bacon. Doesn't Heather Solos know this?! Now this is funny to me but Heather will be rolling her eyes ...

I Am Alive Looks Like Crap Now

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I Am Alive Ubisoft game

I've been following I Am Alive since I saw the initial announce trailer back in '08. I've written about this on Kmart Gamer but I didn't get into what I really wanted to get into which is the art direction. This is BY FAR my favorite quote from my Kmart Gamer post: I didn’t hear ...

I Might Have Ordered Too Many Seeds for My First Garden

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TONS of seeds for the garden

And by "might" I mean "most likely and probably closer to definitely." I've been waiting on my seeds to get here for a few days now and as each day passed, I got more and more excited about the PURPLE bell peppers--Who knew there even was such a thing?!--and the green and yellow striped tomatoes and ...

Monkeycide or Ollie Shivs Curious George

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Curious George Gets Shivved

I went into Ollie's room to tuck him in last night and found someone had shivved Curious George. "What happened to George?" "He had a rip." "You found him with a rip in his neck or you created one with Cara's wand?" "He had a rip." Can't blame a boy for sticking to his story. Tucker took a picture of George ...

I’m a Community Leader At Blissdom and This Is Why You Should Tag Along with Me

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So Blissdom is like a month or so away and I'm finally writing my post. Don't judge. It's been a hard week...or month...it's been HARD! ANYWAY! I started my Blissdom Twitter list last night. It took some doin'.   I may be TOO proud of myself but I feel I deserve the pride. This was my first list! Be proud of ...

Amy the Ironless and/or Amy the Rambler

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There were a lot of things I was thinking about writing today: how KmartGamer is no more...or it might just be on a break, how I'm a New Person person for Blissdom this year and how that scares the shit out of me but I know it'll be gravy once I get to Blissdom and ...

Pee Wee Herman Cat Video

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Pee Wee Herman

Since the post from earlier was such a downer, I figured I'd post this to lighten the mood. You're welcome. Pee Wee Herman shared this on Facebook and now I'm sharing it with you.

“Sometimes Mommy Gets Sad” Talk

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Image | id-iom

I'm writing this today but I'm going to post this tomorrow so you jump in your time machine and figure all that out. The reason the time matters to me is that I know tomorrow I'll be OK. Tomorrow I hope I'm OK. When this posts, I'll know. Probably. Yesterday--today--was a rough fucking day. Cara ...

The Videos That Matter To Me Today

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Every so often, I end up with a bunch of videos I think are badass and all I want to do is SHARE THEM with you. And share them I shall! [Mom, I wrote about Cara yesterday. You can find that HERE.] I have a whole feed for just this sort of thing. It's the "Geeky" ...

Cara’s Memory SO Trumps Mine and I’m Screwed In a Couple of Years

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I have a video all ready for me to edit down of Cara reading a Little Bear Beginning Reader book that we've had for a coon's age that I've been reading to her since she was about three. She's now five. We've gotten my money's worth out of that book. I've watched the video a ...