Cara’s Memory SO Trumps Mine and I’m Screwed In a Couple of Years

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I have a video all ready for me to edit down of Cara reading a Little Bear Beginning Reader book that we’ve had for a coon’s age that I’ve been reading to her since she was about three. She’s now five. We’ve gotten my money’s worth out of that book.

I’ve watched the video a couple of times to figure out how I wanted to cut the part where I had to get Cara a tissue cause she’s still getting over kennel cough–heh–and as I watch it, I see Cara’s reading some of the words but some of the words she has memorized.

I’m not talking “sight words” memorized. I’m talking the chick has memorized the damn book and she’s retelling it! Stop. That!

This is whole new territory for me since I have to repeat someone’s phone number in my head about a bazillion times as I flail around for a pen and/or pencil and/or blood so I can write down said number before someone says something else that shall throw my mind into a tizzy.

There have been times when I’ve asked Cara what really happened whenever whatever happened. Cara always has the answers.

I am SO SCREWED in a couple of years.